Pictured above is something very different:

Falafel Crust Pizza from Jannah in SF.  Tons of Olive Oil, Feta Cheese and other fats that Mr. EET knows make you fat (unless you can eat one slice with no pita, dessert, etc.–good luck with that Mediterranean dieters!).

Yet Mr. EET ATE EVERY BITE OF THIS PIZZA and a lot more — for Dinner no less – why?

  • Emotional Binge?

  • Screw EET, I’ll get back on it tomorrow?


I LOVE IT and it was on my EET PLAN – note the key word there —


Which leads me to this:

EET’S only suggestion for today (which you could read EVERY DAY)

If you want a different result you gotta do things differently!


What can YOU do differently to lose weight?

Stop thinking of EET like all the other diets you’ve been on (and failed at).   Just give EET priority for 2-5 minutes each day so you can PLAN–send EET your game plan (click for the form to do it!) and let’s see how the next week goes.

You’re shifting the burden of losing weight to EET –not your willpower or some radical lifestyle change — EET has to fit YOUR CURRENT lifestyle and be doable for you or how is it different from any other diet?

And why would someone who could never EVER succeed at any other diet be teaching it?

Think about that!

Try to stay with your plan but if you need to stray from it for a minute here or there, just do SOMETHING DIFFERENT this TIME and let yourself stray a little bit–ENJOY IT, then get right back on your timing plan, the next MINUTE, not the next day!

Then, analyze exactly WHY you needed to stray (there are very good reasons to stray, and it happens to ALL OF US)  and let EET know–that’s how you improve at EET and how we build your plan for the long haul.

Is this time truly gonna be different?  Only if you avoid all your old dieting traps and do something different!


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