EET: 2 More EASY Weight Loss Tools for the Unmotivated

Mr. EET’s  “appetizer” Donuts on his visit to Portland’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts – Maple Bacon and “Old Dirty Bastard –Oreo’s and Peanut butter.   How many more PROPERLY TIMED donuts did Mr. EET have? — I’ll let you guess!

EET Fitness is as much about planning as it is about metabolism and timing.

Mr. EET loves to brag about my lack of willpower and discipline–and why not?  Where did willpower and discipline get me for over 20 years of struggling through endless workouts and one failed “healthy” diet after the next!

SO – I’ve learned and I try to teach EETers to

never rely on motivation and willpower to lose weight.

EET teaches you to rely on PLANNING.  Here’s the key:

If you have a PLAN and your TOOLS (food, equipment, etc) ready when it’s TIME, you are so much more likely to stay on your plan–even if you are unmotivated and have no willpower –

EET’s growing list of success stories seems to be showing we’re on the right track.

Below are two tools that Mr. EET uses religiously, and boy do they help.

Just the simple act of opening up the websites for the two Timers below (which are perfect for EET’s workouts) — something clicks in my mind that says “hey, it’s TIME” and I am far more likely to do my 20-30 minute workout which leads to my treat meal which is FUN!

So give em a try — just open em up when it’s time for your workout and see if you can’t make the connection between these timers and FUN that has helped Mr. EET so incredibly much these last 3 years!

Click above Pic to go to ONLINE STOPWATCH – GREAT for EET Swedish and Strength Circuits!

Click above pic to go to Tabata Timer — Right after your EET Strength Circuit — this timer will help you do them better – hell sometimes turning it on and seeing that clock start to move is the ONLY reason I’m able to do my tabata!


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