The Kiss of Death for ANY Weight Loss Plan, Including EET

The “kiss of death” to your diet is not the foods you love but rather one single horrible thought:

“Guess I’ll start my diet AGAIN tomorrow” … or next week, ….or whenever.  As soon as you have that thought, you are doomed.

EET has solved this dieting nightmare, but years of crazy diets,  guilt, shame and restrictions along with a DEMAND for instant and consistent results make it very hard for many new EETers to believe it.

The solution and the only way EET can possibly become a permanent plan for you is for you to stop thinking that you are either “on it” or “off it”.  You must always be HAPPY to be on EET in order to succeed, no matter what life throws at you.

EET is not restrictive in any way — you attach restrictions because you think you HAVE to follow EET’s guidelines in order to be on EET.   Following restrictive rules is the world of conventional dieting, and you just have to remember that EET was designed by someone who was a total failure at every conventional diet ever attempted.

Why do you think I called them GUIDELINES?  Why did I take the time to create a video called “Guidelines NOT Rules”?

The answer is:

Mr. EET could NEVER  follow restrictive diets either!  Never could –got far worse results than you ever got.

The key is to WANT to be on EET at all times and I know you will want to once you stop demanding weight loss from EET at all times.  To succeed at EET you simply do what you can when you can — knowing almost every single day your old patterns and cravings will get in the way of something–but the rest of the time you are doing what you can to minimize the damage — and, using this PROGRESSION,  on many days you are able to do more good things than bad.

And you have to LEARN to be just fine with the thought that some days you will GAIN weight, maybe quite a bit — but that’s no reason to go off your EET plan.  Once again, this is your old dieting mentality telling you that somehow, you will ALWAYS lose weight when trying to follow your diet plan.

And all those times you’ve lost weight consistently for weeks or even months in the past — how has that worked out for you over the long haul?

Maybe gaining weight every so often while STAYING ON A DIET PLAN isn’t such a bad thing.

Think about it.

I wouldn’t spend so much of my time basically BEGGING EETers to stop focusing on daily weight loss and to LEARN EET if I didn’t know how much happier it can make them about their eating, which is the only path to true permanent weight loss – at least for the 98% of us who cannot succeed at a diet.

So, for you EETers still trapped in “diet think” I hope you’ll allow me back into your EET efforts so I can help you break the kiss of death cycle of “on again” “off again” once and for all.


8 thoughts on “The Kiss of Death for ANY Weight Loss Plan, Including EET

  1. Jon! You have hit the nail on the head. This was always the kiss of death for every single diet I was ever on before, and this is exactly, exactly the thing that EET has solved for me. I never feel guilt or terrible or “I may as well start again tomorrow” while stuffing my face today, because everything I eat is on plan. Because it’s allowed. Because it isn’t bad. As a matter of fact, I’ve gained about two pounds over the last three weeks. And it hasn’t thrown me off, and it isn’t time to find a new plan because this isn’t working, and I’m not giving up. And I’m still eating everything I really want/need, and this is the most sustainable diet ever.

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