EET Diabetic Diet: Portland’s Bruce, age 50+ RESULTS 1st Week Say It All

EET FITNESS’ Diabetic Timing Diet Delivers Again!

Portland EETer Bruce’s 1st WEEK readings show more immediate and astounding results with NO CALORIE COUNTING,  NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS AND NO EXERCISE EITHER–JUST TIMING!

For those new to EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet and our current Trial, you can catch up on all the background info HERE.

Now, no one should judge a diet’s success or failure in the first week.


That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate some success — and Bruce, age 50+ from EET’s Portland Diabetic Trial Group had a first week that changed his life and EET knows will someday change many others as well.

Here’s a quick summary:

(click to enlarge)

  • Don’t think the numbers need a lot of analysis but bottom line Bruce has gone from consistent 200-400+ morning fasted readings to readings ranging in the low 100’s and below at wake up and all day — all in his first week!

  • These reductions were achieved WITHOUT CALORIE COUNTING and with NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS — Bruce simply used EET’s Timing Guidelines.  His week’s EETing included multiple restaurants.

  • Bruce has already eliminated one medication and will coodinate with the medical staff at South Tabor Medical Clinic on an Insulin REDUCTION reduction this week.

  • And he saw some great weight loss too — Can’t say how much though (it was a lot)– Bruce doesn’t want to jinx his great start!

And we’re sure you’re asking — how many GRUELING EXERCISE SESSIONS did Bruce need to accomplish these great results?


Bruce’s normal activities, when properly timed were more than enough to get the job done.  (although we’re certainly going to phase in some exercise over time it’s just not the key to managing diabetes –  TIMING IS!)

EET is really proud of Bruce’s efforts to learn and apply EET and equally proud of our consistent significant results with everyone who tries the EET Diabetic Timing Diet (other Portland EETers had great weeks too!)

Bruce has a long way to go and his a1c readings and weight after 90 days will tell the true story.  But,  don’t worry Bruce — With EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet — you’re already seeing great results through GREAT TIMING.  Even so,  we won’t risk jinxing it, we’ll take all the luck we can get too!

Thanks so much to Bruce for allowing us to share his results.


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