EET Ryan Loses 12 lbs 1st Month w/3 Vacations! U Gotta Read This!

Ryan’s EET Fitness Plan story reads like an Action Movie Script —

Check out this “Can’t Miss Blockbuster” for all Dieting Fans!  It just keeps getting BETTER!


Ryan was one of EET’s FIRST trial members back in the Summer of 2009.  He lost nearly 20 pounds in about 2 months and was raving about EET’s Timing and how well it works.

Turns out he was actually just crash dieting (after repeated warnings to learn EET’s guidelines for Sustainability), because when he “fell off the wagon” one NFL Sunday, he felt like a failure and that one splurge ENDED his EET efforts.

But it gets better.

ACT 2 Ryan’s Ready THIS TIME! No REALLY!

Fast forward to February 2011, and Ryan called back — SURPRISE!  He’d gained all the weight back but he’s now was REALLY READY “this time” and can’t wait to try the new and much improved EET that we’ve developed since those early trial days.

Ryan was all for using EET’s DiEET plan for the fastest possible weight loss, so we got him all set up for that–We updated you on Ryan’s outstanding 7 pound weight loss the first week HERE:

EET: 5 lb Weight Loss in a WEEK for Lisa, Ryan, 3 More on New DiEET Plan!

But Ryan’s story gets better.

After the first week of Ryan’s planned 2 week DiEET “quick start”, Ryan informed EET he had forgotten about  2 different MULTIPLE DAY vacation eating situations he could not get out of (one was a WEEK LONG visit by the in laws who love to be entertained!)

Here was Ryan’s first chance to see how EET is truly different and to get out of “diet think”.

Using EET Forecasting and EET Consultations, there was no reason for Ryan to go “off” his EET plan and he made it through the next couple of weeks with MANY restaurant meals and

Ryan had still lost over 10 pounds — in just 3 weeks!

Safe to say most people would have GAINED weight during this time.

But Ryan’s story gets even BETTER.

ACT 3  You Gotta Be Kidding Me – VEGAS?

After a week of more normal EETing, Ryan casually mentioned to EET that he forgot that he’s got a several day TRIP TO VEGAS planned – THIS COMING WEEKEND!    Since he gave EET “so much” lead time, we forecasted as best we could using DiEET again for a few days before the trip.


Ryan left for vegas down a STAGGERING 15 pounds within his first Month on EET!

Can this story get any better?  YES!

ACT 4   Vegas Baby!

Here’s part of what Mr. EET wrote Ryan the DAY BEFORE his vegas Trip:

3)  Come back still 10 pounds below where you started — Don’t just “let loose” –it’s not that fun and it’s gonna undo some great work you’ve done–have 1 REALY fun meal each day (with water and fiber and a veggie) and 1 meal with 1-2 treats that you are more careful — if you HAVE to have a snack — keep it minimal and lots of water with it.

hope you have a great time and hope EET can be part of it because you’ve made it through some tough distractions already and if you can get through this one and still be down 10+ lbs you are well on your way to permanent weight loss.

Ryan could have gained 4-5 POUNDS in 3 days and still been incredibly successful by any standard.  Surely he would relax and enjoy his trip and when he returned we would CELEBRATE his success at having lost 10 pounds in his first month with THREE FREAKING VACATIONS!  RIGHT?????!!!!!

I know the suspense is killing you!  You are wondering….

Does it get BETTER?

ACT 5  We’re Not There Yet.

Here’s Ryan’s email to Mr. EET after getting back from Vegas:

I left last Friday 15 pounds lost weighed in this morning 12 lbs below my starting weight.

I was unable to follow EET very well as schedule did not permit as well as being with part of a group of 8.

However, I did keep EET in mind at every meal and did not ‘pig out’ even at the buffet. I did not once eat right away after waking up each day (waited at least 3 hours +).

I am sure that this is not what you were wanting to see in my update, but it is what it is. If you would like for me to give you a better breakdown of the past 4 days, let me know.

Ryan has accomplished one of the most incredible weight loss months in EET HISTORY!  Perhaps in ANY diet’s history —

But he still feels guilty and THINKS he “went off” EET!!

Since he refuses to believe me, SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL RYAN



Why aren’t you CELEBRATING your 12 pound weight loss and saying how the EET guidelines you COULD follow got you there and you’re now an EETer for life and well on your way to EET’s Hall of Fame!

So many people who want to lose weight think just like Ryan – It’s GOT to stop!

“DIET THINK” will cause a lot more guilt, shame and weight loss than any ice cream or pizza ever could.  Make a plan, do the best you can and CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES!

Now EET just has to convince Ryan of this — and about a billion other people.

Not the ending I’d hope for but at least we can all look forward to:


Coming soon to a blog near you.

Thanks to Ryan for allowing EET to share his incredible story!


2 thoughts on “EET Ryan Loses 12 lbs 1st Month w/3 Vacations! U Gotta Read This!

  1. We are always to hard on ourselves.

    Congratulations on your success.

    Walk on, Walk on,

    We still have the rest of our lives.

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