Works of Art: EET Diabetic Diet Members Speak Out Vol 1

Diabetic EETer Bonnie’s favorite form of “exercise” – she’s a wonderful artist and was nice enough to share some of her work with EET’s Blog Readers a few of which you can see throughout the rest of this blog post.


EET Fitness is honored and privileged to have some early feedback from a group of people who really deserve to be heard.

EET’s Diabetic Diet Trial Members.

These wonderful people have been told for years that suffering and struggling is the best they could hope for to manage their illness.  EET has found a better way, and I’ve asked those who are experiencing EET to share their updates and thoughts on the plan so:

The people that are doing all the work and matter most can be heard.

I know these updates can offer help and support to a lot of people that really need it, so I hope more EETers will choose to be heard (because SO MANY OF THEM ARE SEEING RESULTS!)  and I hope to be sharing updates from our Diabetic EETers often.

Here’s this weeks updates straight from the EETer’s themselves (names used where permission was granted):

I am amazed at the quick results in my weight loss and lowering of my blood sugars in just two weeks.  I struggle in getting in a regular eating routine because of my teaching schedule.

I have only been on EET FIT for 3 weeks.  I am already off one of my meds glipizide.  My sugars used to be in the 300’s.  Now for the most part my readings are under 150.  I have also lost 6 pounds.  All of this without exercise because I am dealing with a lot of back pain.  I am so happy with EET FIT.

Bonnie the “Artist”  🙂

“I am loving being able to eat some of my favorite foods without guilt and still watching the pounds melt away!”

“I’m too tired from my two week’s travel to write a blurb.  I’ll work on one for next week.  I will share that I’ve managed to lose 17 lbs in the first month which is nice!”

Denise (who you first read about HERE)

(Mr. EET note — I’m gonna beg Denise to share details of  how that 17 lb loss included reduced blood glucose readings and less insulin along with snickers bars , some donuts and pistrami burgers!)

I know down the road that our menu will change but other than lunch, but  we had our favorite potatoes and wine over the weekend with dinner so I am very happy with this one.  My glucose numbers are down, my weight is down and I feel better.  So, there you go….thanks for letting me vent : )  and I look forward to your suggestions.

I know that prior to starting on your simple and clear EET FIT plan, I had resigned myself to a life of ever increasing medication needs to keep my blood sugar readings well above normal.  In other words, the medication crutch was pretty well broken for me until you showed me a different way to approach eating.  I know your plan works and will use the principals to the best of my ability along with your continued advice and friendly criticism

Bruce (who you first read about HERE)

Readers, I hope you’ll encourage more EETers to share their experiences for future blog posts — EET’s Diabetic Diet’s consistent, dramatic, and FAST results are a great story and we want real EETers to tell it!



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