Brendan, 20, Loses 35 lbs and Joins EET Hall of Fame 4th of 5! PICS

Brendan, 20,  lost 35 lbs while dealing with college, work and more using EET!

EET Fitness proudly introduces you to BRENDAN

He’s our latest member of EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame

Brendan has been around since DAY 1 – when EET was a group of 5 guys in the summer of 2008 who did Mr. EET’s (Coach Jon back then) strange jump rope interval workouts before our football camp called Beast Training.

Beast Training 2008 was a big success!  It helped make a lot of football players Bigger, Stronger and Faster but Mr. EET had other plans for 5 of us that were looking to get LEANER.


Brendan was working full time in 2008 and couldn’t make a lot of the morning interval workouts, and he didn’t lose much weight back then.  BUT he was “in the group” as well as a family friend, so we stayed in touch since then.

Brendan went off to college last year where losing weight is REALLY TOUGH.  However, EET helped Brendan put together a timing plan that fit into his class and work schedule (Brendan works a lot!), and also TIMED some of his activities like Rugby to keep the EET workouts to a minimum so Brendan could manage his busy schedule.

Brendan, chilling in this HOF photo — He is “The Dude” 🙂

35 POUNDS LATER and 1 year later — Brendan now takes his rightful place among the other true EET Pioneers

Mr. EET    Joe   and    Alex

in EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame —  With Brendan aboard, that’s 4 out of the original 5 guys — and don’t worry — EET is still working closely with #5 who’s lost weight and is getting closer to “the Hall” every day — as I’ve told all of you many times


Here are Brendan’s thoughts after his huge success on EET over the last year:

“EET is a great plan.  It’s helped me lose weight and keep it off through college by being able to change with my work and class schedule changes.  I just email my class and activity schedule to Jon and he sends back how to make EET work.  It’s been easy to follow the schedule and I still eat all the foods I love.   Now I just changed hours on my job to working the night shift  so I’ll definitely be using EET for all those changes too.  Thanks for all the help.”

NIGHT SHIFT??!!  Brendan sure likes to keep things interesting — no worries though –EET already has his new EETing schedule in place and we’ll be helping all along the way.  (Night shift EETing is serious business)

Congrats to Brendan on his success with EET and welcome to EET’s Hall of Fame — You took your TIME, but you stayed with EET and YOU MADE IT — and that’s all that matters!


2 thoughts on “Brendan, 20, Loses 35 lbs and Joins EET Hall of Fame 4th of 5! PICS

  1. Congratulations, Brendan. Sometimes if it doesn’t happen without our desired time period we give up or move on. You’re proof that hanging in there is worth it!

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