EET Weight Loss Homework at the Cheesecake Factory

If you insist on me telling you what to eat-I would go with the Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake Mrs. EET chose instead of the Giant Carrot Cake I had.  But I had to try it–it was part of my EET Homework assignment!

Mr. EET gets asked by EETers all the time “What should I eat?”  Mr. EET’s would rather TEACH you how you can decide what to eat!

All those diet plans you couldn’t stay with told you what to eat in order to lose weight.

To succeed at The EET Fitness Plan you have to


I know, I know – homework SUCKS right?

Not with EET! With EET, homework involves EATING lots and lots of foods at the correct times until you find the foods you love to create a weight loss plan you can stay with!

Mr. EET still does his homework each and every week – do you?  EETers love variety and tastes change all the TIME – It’s critical you find new things to keep your EET plan interesting–that’s what makes EET so SUSTAINABLE!


That’s because you only know how to think in terms of RESTRICTIVE DIETS

– Maybe you could use an EET CONSULTATION!

Here’s some of my EET homework from THIS WEEK


Chicken Barley Casserole with 1 tbls Franks Hot Sauce    300 calories

DQ Dilly Bar                                                                                   300 Calories

Apple                                                                                                  80 Calories

Total estimated calories                                                             680 Calories

Mr. EET’s Cheesecake Factory Meal – METABOLIC LUXURY

Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo w/Brown Rice (I had to request brown)    1550 Calories

Giant Piece of Carrot Cake (next time back to cheesecake! 🙂                    1500 Calories

TOTAL ESTIMATED CALORIES                                                                        3050   Calories

NOTE: I ate a lot more than what is shown at BOTH meals–but that story is for another blog post coming soon!

Which meal did I LOVE more?  NEITHER!  I loved them both a lot!!!!

And THAT is the beauty of EET.  With EET there is room for both of these kinds of meals EVERY SINGLE DAY– and if carefully Forecasted WEIGHT LOSS IS THE RESULT.

EETers — do you REALLY know your EET metabolic luxuries and metabolic bargains?

This video has been around for MONTHS — have you watched it? More importantly have you STUDIED and APPLIED IT?

DO YOUR EET HOMEWORK – IT’S SO FUN you just don’t know what you’re misisng – oh yeah –you’ll lose weight too!!!!


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