EET DIET SUCCESS: Actor Monterey, 59 Loses 17 Lbs in 60 days w/DiEET -PICS!

Mr. EET fondly recognizes the Cold Stone Dessert in Monterey’s before pic, but what is that strange red orb he’s holding in his after picture? 🙂 AS WE TOLD YOU EET’s TIMING MAKES ANY DIET  WORK FASTER!

UPDATE 5/15/2011 — Monterey just finished his 2nd month on EET and has now lost 17 lbs!  He is BELOW his goal weight–So now he’s adding regular treats to his DiEET Plan and staying in a nice SUSTAINABLE range.

THIS IS AN AMAZING EET SUCCESS STORY but you don’t know the half of it — YET — more updates and pics from Monterey coming soon!

In just 30 short days, Monterey, used EET’s DiEET Timing “Script” to drop 12 pounds and become EET’s Fitness’ latest success story.

Monterey is an actor, and, as great actors like to do, he did a bit of “improv” along the way to deliver the performance EET was looking for to “keep it fun”!  Here’s Monterey talking about his EET experience thus far:

I’ve made it through a full blown St. Patty’s Day dinner, 3 business lunches out on the town and 2 days of nothing but Craft Services on a movie set and I’m still moving towards my target. “DiEET WORKS…… IF YOU WORK IT!”


So that’s like 5 days off the script (BUT NOT OFF HIS EET PLAN–VERY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE!) — and he’s only been on DiEET 30 days total!

Plus, Monterey is 59, and his years of metabolism working for him should be well past, right?  NOT WITH EET’s TIMING creating the most efficient metabolism possible!  While Monterey had a nutritious and balanced diet without all the treats many EETers enjoy on a daily basis– starvation and deprivation are not necessary with DiEET.

The best part about working with Monterey is his great understanding of EET’s focus on SUSTAINABILITY.   He does the DiEET script when he can, but EET continues to work with him to expand his options (brownies and some SWEET corned beef come to mind!) at the correct times while still seeing weight loss.

And it’s working!

Congrats to Monterey on his incredible start with EET! There’s more to his story that will blow you away, but, like a great EET treat meal and the climax to a great movie, we want to save it for the right TIME!

DiEET is proving to be a HUGE success! We only offered a 2 week program to 8 people as a trial. All of them lost weight and 5 of them have kept losing weight and are transitioning successfully to The more flexible EET Fitness Plan–DiEET will be offered to the public soon — meanwhile read more about it here:

EET Ryan Loses 12 lbs 1st Month w/3 Vacations! U Gotta Read This!

EET TIMING Makes ALL Weight Loss Diet Plans Work FASTER


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