EET Medical Crisis? Superstar Dr. Questions TIMING Label – HELP!

Dr. (MD) Caren Reaves recently enjoying her EET Treat Meal with fellow superstar EETer  Dr (PhD) Lisa.  Could the sweet looking burgers and fries have just as well been Eggwhite Veggie Omelettes?  Not according to EET’s guidelines–what do YOU think?

Caren Reaves is already one of EET’s all time greats.  If there was an “early admission” into EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame, she’d be the first one in without a doubt.

So, of course it’s a crisis when Dr. Reaves, who has met and surpassed her weight loss goals using EET, has a problem with EET’s guidelines, and now YOU are gonna have to get involved — or at least I hope you will.


First – here’s our emails for you to review:

caren reaves

to me

show details Apr 17 (1 day ago)


Quick question…why is the Egg White Veggie omelette a Red label for lunchtime?


Jon Pearlstone

to caren

show details Apr 17 (1 day ago)

You tell me 🙂

Why is the Egg White Veggie omelette a Red label for lunchtime?


caren reaves

to me

show details 2:23 PM (19 hours ago)

I’ve pondered this for a couple days and can come up with no reason why it should be red. If I look at it from the perspective of where do I want my treat/higher carb meal, then I would choose my treat at lunch and eat the omelette for afternoon/dinner. BUT, if the omelette sounded good for lunch and I really didn’t want a treat meal, I don’t see why it’s red in and of itself…it fulfills 10/5/1/1 in a really delicious way.


So I ask all EETers and Readers (rhyme intended 🙂 )



Caren has shown a real desire to learn EET from Day 1 — and look at her results!  EET can get you weight loss without SUFFERING AND WILLPOWER, but if you aren’t willing to learn how EET works and how it’s truly different, then it’s gonna be really hard to help you achieve permanent weight loss.  So, I really, REALLY encourage you at times to think some of this stuff out.

And, NOW is one of those times!  I hope you’ll step up and help your fellow EETer out —

Why IS the Eggwhite Veggie Omelette RED for Brunch/Lunch?


Take a look at what a METABOLIC LUXURY an egg yolk is while your at it!

(click to enlarge)

P.S.   To the EETer I gave the answer to– I SHOULDN’T HAVE–SO DON’T POST A REPLY!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “EET Medical Crisis? Superstar Dr. Questions TIMING Label – HELP!

  1. How do you cook the omelet? Also, not sure what all the ingredients are… But if there’s fat (cooked in butter or added cheese) I thought it was best to avoid fats at that early meal.

  2. Is it because if you eat it mid day, you are more likely to want carbs and less metabolically desired foods later in the day, because the omelette isn’t giving you enough to be satisfied long enough?

    • Amy


      I’ll send you the complete answer later today via email–but you have a good part of the answer there!

      So great to see SUCCESSFUL EETers showing up and providing great answers! Hope more show up — then I could share the answer on the blog–for now, only sending it to the “star” students!

      Stay in touch!


  3. Carol

    that’s a GREAT answer! SERIOUSLY

    Watch your email later today–I will send you the answer plus as a bonus I want to send you another tool EET is developing to help you apply EET’s Golden Rule that I would love for you to see and hopefully it will help you as much as the other few folks I’ve shared it with.

    No wonder you are doing so well on EET — you STAY INVOLVED –that’s easily half the battle

    let me know what you think of the email when you get it.


  4. I’m assuming that an EET activity or workout was done within 2 hours prior to this meal… in which case, both carbs and protein are required for muscle recovery, therefore, leading me to presume that the Egg White Veggie Omellete is too low in the carb category. Solution? I’m thinking that an Egg White Veggie Omelette WRAP would be a good variation to satisfy the nutritional needs for muscle recovery and metabolic memory. And, as Amy mentioned, eat too little during the day you’ll probably end up craving and eating more carbs later on in the day when you’re out of your metabolic window, which would then turn to fat instead of being metabolized and aiding muscle recovery. Am I close?

    • Steph

      The EET nutrition labels don’t take exercise or activity into account — they are based on the best time of your day to eat the item. That said, your answer is EXTREMELY well thought out as we both know that exercise/activity can determine timing of treat meals.

      Check your email before the night’s out– I am sending you EET’s answer to this riddle — let me know what you think!

      Still need more EETers and other interested readers to chime in for me to share the answer–all I can say is those I’ve sent it to seem VERY satisfied and glad they got the answer from EET’s perspective!

  5. It’s because of the lack of carbs in the meal. In the Sample Meal Options I received way back, all the options had an ample amount of carbs. Even the “best” option includes a bowl of oat bran and an appel (the “good” option is a bowl of cereal and a cookie). Jon’s right in that this “quiz” doesn’t take into account EET activities and workouts, though they are ideal during this timeframe.

    The body still needs carbs at one point to fuel itself, and it’s best to take them in the morning when the body’s metabolism is naturally higher (versus later in the day, at least). The carbs consumed early will fuel the rest of your activities for the day, and will thus be burned off by them as well. If you don’t replace them by eating properly forecasted carb watch meals later on, then the carbs will be more efficiently utilized by the end of the day and fat burning will result.

    • Noel

      Your answer is absolutely CORRECT, but it’s not the RIGHT answer. Check your email and see what EET has to say on the subject — let me know what you think.

      Ok people — I need 4 more comments from different people to share the answer on the blog — it’s up to you!

  6. From your clue I am guessing that maybe it should be a whole egg omlet instead of just the whites for a more substantial meal.

    • hey Ruth!

      this is the right idea, but you gotta think more FUN!

      Check your email–sending you EET’s answer to review –lemme know what you think!

      Still need 3 more comments before I share w/the blogosphere….

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