John Loses 20 lbs in 3 Months Using EET Travelling Worldwide! PICS and HOW HE DID IT!

World Traveller John has used EET to lose 20 lbs in just over 3 months.  He faces huge eating and exercise challenges that he could never overcome — until EET’s Timing Guidelines gave him some answers he could work with!

Every EET Fitness Plan success story has it’s own unique challenges, but John’s story should really inspire you to build an EETing plan that fits YOUR  lifestyle, not chase some conventional diet plan that asks you to adopt “a lifestyle change”

John’s successful career requires extensive travel all over the world, all the time.  So restaurants, travel fatigue and spotty exercise options are a constant reality for him.  This lifestyle has got to be among the hardest for weight loss there is.

And yet, by PHASING IN the EET guidelines he can handle WITHIN HIS LIFESTYLE, John is well on his way to overcoming all his weight loss challenges using EET.

Here’s some comments from John highlighting his EET experience and the unique EET plan that is has him on the path to permanent weight loss:

I was never big in my legs, his arms or his back…it’s all in my belly.  It was like a bowling ball, see? 🙂 (ok Mr. EET added the “see” :-)–don’t be mad John!).

John – Pre EET showing the effects of endless pooly timed restaurant meals.

I travel the world and am gone several days of the week.  When I’m out of town I have adopted these rules….

  •  no fast food – no matter how rushed you are

  • instead of the breakfast buffet – order an omlette made out of  egg whites

  • dinner meals which are always after 6:30 – eat half of whats on your plate

  • lunch I still eat like a king….

When I’m  home I have egg whites every morning, a protein snack for the afternoon – normally left over dinner meat.  Dinner is protein and veggies, with very little carbs.

My big treat at home since I eat out plenty while travelling – once a week I hit Pappadeux for lunch ….I starts with a doxen oysters, soup and a main meal and of course desert.

When I was at my heaviest I was just over 200 pounds at 5’8…now I’m around 180  and I am confident I can lose more and keep it off with my EET plan.

I have gone from a size 36 pants that were tight  to a comfortable size 34.

The bowling ball is gone!   Thanks EET!

Amazing stuff, John!  You should be very proud of your accomplishments so far — Most people who travel a lot have accepted gaining weight as they age — 20 lbs of weight LOSS later you have proven it doesn’t have to be that way!

John’s plan and his use of EET’s guidelines show just how flexible EET HAS TO BE.  Everyone has different issues and EET’s goal is to take your situation and build it into a SUSTAINABLE Timing Plan that creates weight loss and works for you!

Thanks so much to John for sharing his nothing less than AMAZING success story and for perfect TIMING to prove that EET wants nothing to do with being called a “lifestyle change”, EET wants to adapt to your lifestyle!


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