Pork Bacon HEALTHIER FOR YOU than Turkey Bacon? YES SAYS EET!

All the experts say Turkey Bacon tastes great and it’s more “Healthy” than Pork Bacon? — EET SAYS GIVE ME THE PORK BACON EVERY TIME!

EET Fitness has a growing list of foods (AND “HEALTHY” GROCERY STORES!!!!) that have duped you into believing you are doing the best thing for your nutrition, health and weight loss, when there’s a LOT of information that says otherwise.

And now you can get a better picture with EET’s Nutrition Timing Labels.

We’ve already shown you in our post

How to EET ANY Ice Cream and McDonalds for Weight Loss + a Pop Quiz!

that any sweet frozen yogurt is  FAR FAR WORSE for you than ice cream on SO MANY LEVELS.

Today we destroy the myth that Turkey Bacon is somehow healthier for you

Let me just start by saying that unless you absolutely LOVE Bacon (as many EETers do) there are many MANY better metabolic bargains out there that can accelerate your weight loss.

But with bacon being all the rage with it being combo’d with your ice cream, chocolate, pizza and of course your eggs, then at least it makes sense to know how to make a good choice.


(click to enlarge)


This label took me AN HOUR to complete — normally they take me 10 minutes — why the difference?  The data is completely different on almost every site you check.  I searched Fatsecret, Livestrong, Google, and many more.  the calories, serving sizes and just about everything else were all different from one site to the next.  Conspiracy?  Perhaps. 

Finally I went straight to Oscar Meyer’s website so I could get a straight on comparison of Pork Bacon vs. Turkey Bacon.

And even there — more games. 

Here are all 3 labels for the different types of bacon that EET reviewed.  Pay close attention to the serving size, then read the analysis below as EET shatters the myth of “healthy” turkey bacon.

(click to enlarge)

MYTH 1  1 piece of bacon is the same as 2

Notice the WEIGHT of all 3 products is 15 g per serving.  But when you look at the servings per package you see a different story — the turkey bacon has 22 servings while the pork bacon only has 7. 

Clearly you are getting 2 pieces of pork bacon vs 1 piece of turkey bacon! 

Granted it’s the same weight–but I think most people would agree that 2 pieces of bacon is a lot more enjoyable than 1 at any size–it’s a psychological thing–and when it comes to eating, psychology is HUGE.  

But, let’s say you just want 15g of bacon and you don’t care if it’s one piece or two — isn’t the Turkey Bacon more “healthy”?  NO.

MYTH 2 Turkey Bacon has 50% less fat — REALLY?

Oscar Meyer wants you to believe you are cutting your fat by 50% if you buy Turkey Bacon–just read their label:

(click to enlarge)

Oscar Meyer’s Package SCREAMS it out — 50% LESS FAT!  

And then it whispers — oh we mean 50% less fat than the USDA numbers–not our own bacon products!

But a simple comparison with OSCAR MEYER’S PORK BACON SAYS OTHERWISE!

There are only 3 grams of fat in the serving of Turkey Bacon, while there are 5 in the Pork Bacon–close enough to a 50% reduction in fat for them to get away with their claim–BUT if you choose EET’s METABOLIC BARGAIN of Center Cut Pork Bacon you are only adding 1.5 grams of fat–nowhere near a 50% reduction in fat for Turkey Bacon.

But there’s more.  The true way to compare fat is to look at the % of calories from fat– this tells you how much of the item you’re eating is FAT — check this out:

(click to enlarge)

Turkey bacon is actually a higher % of Fat and far lower in protein than the Pork Bacon Product made by the same company who screamed at you to buy Turkey Bacon because it’s 50% lower in fat! 


Did you happen to notice the PROTEIN per serving on the labels – protein is EVERY BIT as important to nutrition as fat content and the Center Cut Bacon has 3 TIMES THE PROTEIN! 

Funny Oscar Meyer didn’t scream that one at us on the Turkey Bacon Label–guess they ran out of room?

AND FINALLY — go back to myth 1 — who the hell only eats 1 piece of bacon?  If you have two pieces of the turkey bacon vs two pieces of EITHER Pork bacon –you are actually eating MORE fat with the turkey bacon in grams and % of calories!  AND YOU’RE STILL GETTING LESS PROTEIN!

How many pieces of turkey bacon are you having?


Turkey bacon does have fewer calories for the 15g serving size, BUT A BUNCH OF THOSE ARE THE CALORIES FOR THE ADDITIONAL PROTEIN IN THE PORK BACON — YOU WANT PROTEIN!  And in any case, it’s only 35 more calories in total  – 35 calories is not worth saving if you love pork bacon more than turkey bacon (and who doesn’t?).  And here I go again with Myth 1 — that savings assumes you eat 1 piece of turkey bacon vs 2 pieces of the pork bacon. 

There’s actually more but I’m sick of writing about bacon — I don’t even love bacon, but people need to start understanding how to really look at food (AND GROCERY STORES!!!!) to see what’s healthy and what’s not.

And if you are going to rely on packaging or conventional dieting experts as most people do, then it’s a really good bet you are gonna have trouble meeting your weight loss and fitness goals.

And helping you reach your goals is why EET exists! 

Now, if you love it,  go enjoy your 2 pieces of Center Cut PORK Bacon (read the label first) at the right times!

c2011  EET Fitness Inc.  All rights reserved.  Not to be reproduced without written permission from EET Fitness, Inc.

6 thoughts on “Pork Bacon HEALTHIER FOR YOU than Turkey Bacon? YES SAYS EET!

  1. I think it depends on the turkey bacon you are eating. The brand I use 1 slice is 28 grams and 40 calories. It has 1.5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. Another important point to me is that the brand I eat is not cured.

  2. Ruth

    This is a GREAT comment and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! This is why people need to take the time to find the best metabolic bargain for them in all foods – foods like cheese, alcohol and desserts can all be part of your plan, but you want to be able to make great decisions and to do that you have to know what the key nutritional values are–these are now on the EET Nutrition timing labels.

    It can take months or even longer, but we all have TIME to phase in our EET permanent weight loss plans so every little bit of knowledge gained can help make your EETing decisions so much easier–and the best part is once you’ve got it–then YOU’VE GOT IT FOREVER!

    By time you’re on EET a year or two you’ll know almost every food product you need to know (or one similar enough to at least make a great guess) to make TIMING and making food decisions for your meals 2nd nature and you’ll have all the foods you love while weighing less and being healthier — congrats on being so on top of this so early in your EET efforts–you are looking like an EET hall of famer for sure!


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