Sasha Fails at 4 Hour Body, Joins EET and Loses LAST 14 lbs in 60 Days Now BIKINI BODY! PICS!

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Sasha’s Canadian, but thanks to her losing the LAST 14 LBS using EET, she plans to increase her TIME in a bikini on tropcial beaches! SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN SASHA!!!!

The EET Fitness Plan is getting more and more attention from readers of Tim Ferriss’ bestselling 4 Hour Body book, and for good reason.  We have written about EET being the “revolutionary diet and fitness plan” 4HB claims to be several times which you can find in these  posts (search 4 Hour Body on EET’s Blog Search box for more):

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 But today, as the picture above clearly shows–it’s hard not to focus on Sasha and her amazing, fast transformation using EET. 🙂


Just yesterday, EET wrote about getting in “beach body” shape for upcoming vacations.  Sasha started her efforts earlier than most, and has already succeeded in just over 2 months!

 After trying the 4 Hour body for all of a week in early February 2011 – she knew it was not the revolutionary diet plan it was cracked up to be.    Here’s all that’s left of Sasha’s 4HB experience:

1 week later, hearing promises of SUSTAINABILITY and seeing EET’s SUCCESS STORIES, Sasha became an EETer.  From the day she joined, she’s done the hard work that EET requires – no, NOT deprivation and willpower, COMMUNICATING and LEARNING.  And as a result she has used EET’s Timing Guidelines to build a plan that allowed her to lose ALL THE WEIGHT SHE WANTED and become Bikini Beach Body Fit!

 And Sasha’s EET  plan includes forecasted FUN (as all successful EET plans MUST!)  like:

  • Weekly meals at McDonalds


  • Plenty of Jos Louis

An EETer finally found a treat that Mr. EET had not heard of!  But I’m carefully researching it now 🙂

  • jos lou·isJos. Louis is a plastic-wrapped confection consisting of two chocolatey sponge cake rounds with a cream filling within a milk chocolate shell. It resembles a chocolate version of the May West dessert

Sasha is living proof that EET can deliver the body you want in a FUN and SUSTAINABLE way, and that you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love or work out endlessly to have a true Bikini Hard Body!

Here’s what Sasha has to say about her wildly successful EET experience:

 hey Jon

Sorry about not writing this sooner but I have been really busy.  But I have lost all the weight I wanted too, thanks to you and your program, I lost the last 5 lbs in mexico, wow even on vacation.  Mexico was amazing i think i am going to go back in June.  I will send u before pictures tomorrow, so u can see the difference.  I have lost 14 lbs since i have been on EET, as u can see by my pictures on facebook I love my results and i plan on keeping them for a very long time.  I will have to get back to u on inches lost, i have to recalcualte, it has been a crazy past 4 weeks, sorry again for not getting back sooner.

I have enjoyed working with u, and I now have EET down pat!

O ya I even had chocolate cake 2 times a day in mexico and still lost 5 lbs!!! 


“Lost all the weight she wanted to”

How many times do you hear ANYONE ever say that?  EET’s hearing it more and more! 🙂

Congrats to our latest EET Superstar Sasha – she’s got the bikini body she always wanted but far more importantly, using EET she gets to eat her Jos Louis and other fun foods GUILT free (at the right times) and sustain her great transformation “for a very long time”!

 Sasha is now a proud member of EET’s “Last 10 Club” – the weight all other diet plans claim is the hardest to lose!

And EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame will be waiting for Sasha 9 months from now. Thanks to her diligence to LEARN EET we’re betting you’ll see her in it!


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