EET Diabetic Diet TRIAL 4 WK RESULTS: 9 LOSE>10+lbs 5>100pt Blood Glucose Drop!

EET is 4 weeks into our Diabetic Timing Diet Trial and has produced an 80% Success Rate so Far, with DRAMATIC results in decreased blood glucose readings and weight loss for most of the trial group.

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For all the background and prior updates on The EET Fitness Plan’s  Diabetic Timing Diet go to


We are now over 4 weeks into our Trial and have our first set of results to share for the 15 people who signed up for EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet.

Most of the trial participants are from South Tabor Family Medical Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  But we also have participants from the SF Bay area, and Washington State that are included in this data


  • At 4 weeks EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet has produced an 80% success rate for Weight Loss and Blood Glucose Readings!

  • 5 of the 15 trial group have experience a 100+ PT DROP in their average daily Blood Glucose Readings!

  • 9 (or more) of the trial group have been able to REDUCE MEDICATIONS!

  • 9 of the 15 trial group have lost OVER 10 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS!

NOTE:  The trial group includes 2 “non starters” who signed up for the trial but never started by sending daily journals and receiving email and phone consultations from EET – if you back out the non starters our success rate with those who followed the trial format of submitting daily journals and receiving consultations would be 92%!)


Below are the details in table format — Most of this data has been verified by the personnel at South Tabor Clinic in Portland where most of our Trial Group came from.  EET  plans to do another update at 8 weeks and then a full blood workup and offical weigh in and will get signed and verified Doctor’s results at the end of the 12 week trial.

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EET is sad to see our Diabetic Timing Diet’s prior 100% success rate go, but this is why we created the trial to see how the plan peformed over a larger group.

And an 80% success rate is still about 25 times higher than any other diet plan so we’ll try to hang on to that for the rest of the trial and beyond.

Plus EET is most proud of the unprecedented IMMEDIATE (within days), SUSTAINED DRAMATIC DROPS IN BLOOD SUGAR that our Diabetic Timing Diet has produced for everyone in the group who is still on after 30 days.

So far, So GREAT for the EET Diabetic Timing Diet — but EET will keep working hard to achieve what so many other diet plans fail at — SUSTAINABILITY,  so stay tuned for further updates!

One more note:  EET also has a small group of Trial Pre Diabetics who do not take blood glucose readings who are reporting similar weight loss success and we will update that trial group in a separate post.


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