EET Helps Lyell Lose Last 20 of 100 Lbs in 3 Mos! Goal Weight PICS!

Lyell at the start of his Journey in March of 2009 and in April 2011 – 100 POUNDS LIGHTER!

EET Fitness is so proud to be a part of Lyell’s amazing transformation.  EET guided Lyell to lose the last 20 lbs and has allowed him to reach his goal of

100 lbs of weight loss! WOW!



Lyell would have made it anyway.  We just showed him how EET’s Timing Guidelines could add some FUN and Sustainability to his already excellent regimen, and he was off and running.  This guy is one of the most impressive fitness people we’ve come across over the last 3 years.

He is dedicated, committed and motivated — PLUS he has the rarest of qualities


So go back and read EET’s prior Blog Posts about Lyell and his incredible use of EET over the last 3 months to take off those challenging “last 20” pounds at a time when conventional dieting’s suffering and struggling was really starting to wear him down:

EET Teaches Fitness Guru Lyell to Lose 10 lbs w/ Ice Cream, McDonalds, MORE! PICS

Lyell: From Hater to EETer! Q and A w/ Mr. EET

Then go to Lyell’s Blog and read more about how he took off the entire hundred pounds, because Lyell accomplished A LOT before he ever knew EET existed.

Lyell should inspire everyone to keep searching for their weight loss and fitness answers because as EET  says and Lyell proves:

YOUR answers are out there if you’re willing to learn and have an open mind.


EET is in the process of some changes that will allow us to help more people, and we’re very excited to announce that Lyell has agreed to be a part of it!

But, until we’re ready to announce those changes, we wanted you to know that Lyell is offering fitness consulting on a one on one basis.  So, if you want to get input from someone who’s truly accomplished 100 pounds of weight loss, he’s the guy to talk too.  Feel free to contact Lyell and see about some consulting.

We hope you’ll join EET in congratulating Lyell on his amazing weight loss accomplishment, and his admission in EET’s LAST 10 CLUB.  Lyell proves that learning is truly the key to permanent weight loss and now his long term plans can include some properly timed FUN because he was open minded enough to learn EET and make it work for him!


5 thoughts on “EET Helps Lyell Lose Last 20 of 100 Lbs in 3 Mos! Goal Weight PICS!

  1. Thanks Mr. EET! I greatly appreciate everything EET has done for me. Perhaps I would have reached my goal eventually but EET showed me how to do it and not kill myself.

    I look forward to the future with EET and helping others reach their goals.


    -Lyell Walker

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