EET vs Atkins Vicki Down 12 Lbs <Goal Wt! w/ HIGH CARBS + Lower Triglycerides!

Superstar EETer Vicki Failed at Atkins, then in 90 days lost MORE than her goal weight with EET, eating high carbs and processed foods DAILY.  Losing weight is wonderful, but what about her triglycerides with all those carbs?

Here’s an update on Superstar EETer Vicki that might turn a few heads from the folks over at The Atkins Diet and anyone who thinks timing doesn’t have an impact on metabolism.

First a VERY brief review.

The EET Fitness Plan has no food restrictions.

This means that foods that “experts” consider harmful to your weight loss efforts can be included in your EET plan EVERY DAY if we can build them in while creating weight loss AND striving to maintain or improve your health and fitness.   EET has accomplished this successfully many times, even for our Diabetic Members.

End of review 🙂


(click to enlarge)

It’s generally believed that higher carbs, especially vs the No Carb, higher fat Atkins diet is supposed to raise Triglyceride levels – even scientific studies confirm this — like this one:

(click to enlarge)

and for the first 3 months on EET for Vicki, her triglycerides did go up.

But now, just 90 days later, after 6 months on EET,

Vicki’s triglycerides are LOWER than when she was on Atkins!

And, yes EET recommended Vicki has stay with exactly the same timing diet that has allowed her to lose MORE than her goal weight (we have had to ADD food into Vicki’s diet to keep her weight UP with EET!)

Why did EET not panic after the first 90 day reading?  Simple.  Vicki’s triglycerides were still in a healthy range and EET knew with proper TIMING her body would once again adapt to effectively metabolizing Carbs – AND IT HAS!  Of course Vicki must continue to monitor these readings, but for now EET is delivering better health and a LOT MORE FUN than Atkins–that’s for sure!

You might be wondering what sort of meals are included in Vicki’s EET plan – here’s a forecast from March 2011 Vicki sent us:

(click to enlarge)

Let’s see — Chik Fil A, Cheesecake Factory, Sonic….throw in Dairy Queen and I’m IN! 🙂

So much for high Carbs (and processed foods for that matter) are the enemy for weight loss and fitness!


EET includes the foods you love in your plan at the correct times to make your plan sustainable, but NEVER at the expense of health and fitness!  EET encourages all EETers to have regular doctor’s visits and blood work (every 90-180 days), and if there is an area of concern that arises, EET can offer modifications to that EETer’s plan that might help improve that concern.

We can’t force EETers to work on their health while working on their weight loss and fitness but if EETer follows EET’s Guidelines, consultations and recommendations we can usually provide strategies that can help.

EET understands Vicki’s results don’t PROVE anything about EET, Atkins or Triglycerides. But we certainly think they’re interesting, don’t you?


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