EET Diabetic Diet -Bonnie 12 lbs Lost Timing GARDENING while Ruth Loses 18 lbs Timing Bike rides!

EETers are more and more convinced that EET is truly revolutionizing weight loss and fitness. See for yourself by clicking any of these headings along the side of our blog!

As The EET Fitness Plan’s

EET Diabetic Timing Diet

Nears the halfway point of our 12 week trial, we continue to see GREAT results from everyone who continues to report in.  This week we’ll feature a couple of EETers having great success in two very different ways, and hopefully convince you that ENDLESS EXERCISE is not critical to weight loss — TIMING IS!

BONNIE Gardens Herself Down 12 lbs!

We first introduced you to Bonnie HERE.  EET has helped reduced Bonnie’s blood sugar readings dramatically

Before EET:  Average readings in the near 200 with many going over 300

After EET:  Current average readings in the low 100’s with a rare reading of 140-150. 


That’s all such great news!  Two critical goals of EET’s Diabetic Diet plan going so well, but what about the third goal:  WEIGHT LOSS?

Bonnie has insisted since day 1 she can’t lose weight because she can’t exercise (bad knees, bad back and other ailments).  EET has tried to tell Bonnie that  for many EETers, it just takes a little bit of well timed ACTIVITY along with good eating timing to create significant weight loss.

With the weather improving Bonnie’s been able to get a litte more gardening in and we are thrilled to report that her initial 4-5 lb weight loss is now up to 12 LBS!

Here’s Bonnie’s take on EET thus far:

I am very happy that my blood sugars are all way lower  since I started on the EET FIT Plan.  I even went out to eat twice one day and my readings never went over 150.  NEVER has been that good going out to eat!  It took a while for EET to help my readings come down (it took two weeks Bonnie! 🙂 ) but I now believe in time EET will help get my readings even lower eating normal food.

  I am also really surprised I have lost so much weight.  I get very little exercise because of back and leg pain.  I keep thinking the scale will get stuck, but it hasn’t and now I’ve lost 12 pounds!

Way to go BONNIE!



Ruth is one of our “Pre-Diabetic” EETers.  She’s faced many challenges in building her EET plan.  Things like coordinating her Timing plan with her family’s eating choices, some food allergies and some nagging pains and ailments.  Not to mention endless yo-yo dieting efforts, frustrating plateuas and border line diabetic blood sugar readings.

Ruth was skeptical EET could help, and we can understand why.  (Heck, EVERYONE is skeptical EET can help — even after it’s helping them! 🙂 )

Well 5+ weeks and 18 lbs lost later Ruth is skeptical no more!  She’s also past all her old plateaus with no end in sight.  Ruth has used EET’s guidelines as well as great learning and planning skills (GREAT QUESTIONS AND UPDATES– REALLY HELPS!) to overcome all her obstacles in ways she can stay with long term, which is every bit as important as how much weight you lose on a diet.

And, her blood sugar readings are now consistently in the 80’s, far removed from those consistent 110+ readings before she started EET.

One of Ruth’s metabolic weapons of choice has been EET’s unique properly timed SHORT EXERCISE regimens.  Ruth is doing more than just losing weight.  She’s improving her metabolism and physical fitness dramatically.  Here’s a note she sent EET that gives you an idea:

On the exercise front I upped my rpm’s today.  I did 8 sets at 90 rpm, 4 sets at 85, 2 sets at 80 and 1 set at 75.  I felt like I got a pretty good workout at those speeds.  I was going about 55-60 on some of my slow minutes and couldn’t believe that is what I was doing on my “fast” minutes when I started!

Ruth wrote this note the day she blew past what she said was her “impossible plateau”.  Her weight has fallen further since.  Gotta love EET, eh Ruth? 🙂



Bonnie and Ruth are both reaching their weight loss, fitness and health goals in very different ways, but since they both have worked with EET to allow us to build a Timing plan that fits their lifestyles, vs trying to make radical lifestyle changes – they are BOTH REACHING THEIR WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS AND HEALTH GOALS!

And THAT is why EET exists.


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