Beach Body Jenny Loses 4 Lbs of FAT in 30 Days w/ EET + Sprinkles Cupcakes! Done w/ 4HB, Insanity – PICS!

Jenny has used EET for 30 days and has seen 4 pounds of almost impossible to lose “perma fat” disappear. Jenny’s  formula for success?  Drop the old diets and endless supplements, try EET and TIME LESS Exercise and Sprinkles Cupcakes

EET Fitness is not new to helping athletes and beach body folks lose those tough “last few” pounds and become more far more fit:

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But when we received Jenny’s before/after pics from her first 30 days on EET we were still pleasantly surprised to see how much more lean she looked. So we asked Jenny to use them for a blog update and if she would write a “quick paragraph” to talk about her 1st month on EET.

Check out what we got!   Thanks to Jenny for sharing and we can’t wait to read your future “quick updates”!

“The Quest To Be Less-Fat:”

One might argue I have no weight to lose, but, I see myself naked everyday and I am my own worst critic, so I always strive to be “less-fat” and being the fitness enthusiast I am, I am also interested in diet, nutrition, cleansing, supplementing, and eating to manipulate your body for better health (really, I just want fat-loss).  I have read and tried every diet and exercise method known to man.  You name it, I’ve done it: South Beach Diet, Master-Cleanse, Blessed Herbs, 21-Day Detox, “Cinch”, Body-Fat Break Through, Clean Eating Diet Stripped, 17-Day Diet, 4-Hour Body, Insanity, Tae-Bo…I can go on and on.  ***Please note: I am not knocking these methods as they all serve a very important purpose in my journey and all have wonderful benefits, knowledge, and information that has served me on some level, but NONE of them worked for me LONG-TERM.  

Here comes the downward spiral: I had found myself stuck in the middle of 20 different diets, 40 different exercise techniques, binge eating, no motivation to start another diet or exercise method, starvation, cravings, depression, fatigue, frustration, tons of money spent on supplements, and worst of all fatter than when I began all of it.  Bad habits started to form from one diet to the next and suddenly, for me, it was ALL OR NOTHING: all sugar/all carbs eating plan (leaving me feeling lazy, fat, and miserable) or no carbs./no sugar eating plan (leaving me tired, starving, and also miserable). 

Which brings me to the dilemma I had right before I met Mr. EET.  I was online reading reviews, researching, and looking for motivation to start yet another “diet” and I came across a review of EET vs. the 4-Hour Body (4HB was the diet I was going to start that day).  After reading this review I immediately went to the Eating and Exercise Timing website to see what this EET was all about. 

HIT THE BRAKES…WHAT? I couldn’t believe what I was reading!  Eat what you want, just time it, exercise a little, plan a little, and that’s it!  I was in, signed up, and didn’t even care what the cost (which was cheap by the way, in comparison to the $350 of supplements I had to buy for the previous diet I just did). 

Here you go…Red Velvet Sprinkles Cupcake. MY VERY FAVORITE!!

30 Days Later: Can I just start with saying I had a Sprinkles Cupcake with my lunch today and I can have a Sprinkles cupcake everyday if I want and have lost over 4lbs of pure fat.  Sprinkles Cupcakes or anything baked (for that matter) with copious amounts of butter, sugar and flour are something I literally used to dream about eating or have only on a “cheat day,” but this is just my normal day at the office with EET. 

Now to be perfectly honest and to play the devil’s advocate, I did not have lots of weight to lose in the first place, I was more interested in FAT-Loss than WEIGHT-loss, as losing FAT is more difficult if you are already in great shape and eat clean already, so I knew results would be slow, minimal, or not at all.  This also left me very skeptical if EET would even work on someone like me?  Most of Mr. EET’s posts included people who were overweight looking for weigh-loss, not specifically fat-loss.  After my phone consultation, Mr. EET wanted me to exercise less, time my meals different, eat treats, have fun, and enjoy my life.  Sounds weird for a new diet…right??  So, in the very short 30 days I have been exploring this thing called EET I have learned a lot or better stated, I have “un-learned” a lot.  Everything I had read and traditional diet behavior/mentality has to be forgotten to fully embrace EET.  It is a battle everyday for me to let go of diet thinking and behavior, but EET will take time and patience, especially for someone like me.  With EET I went from eating 6 small meals daily to eating 2, exercising for 30 minutes instead of for 1 hour, taking over 10 supplements to just 1 or 2. 

I have been following EET guidelines (to the best of my ability) for 30 days and have lost 4 lbs. (all fat).   I know that is not a lot of weight, but it is a lot of fat.  For someone who doesn’t have a lot to lose, those 4lbs are hard to work off, and with other diet methods I would be starving and miserable.  With EET I am not starving or eating clean, I actually am enjoying lots of fattening foods: cupcakes, cookies, chic-fil-a, onion rings, cake, and gelato.  So, for a person who was doubtful, I can honestly say I am being more and more convinced everyday of the powerful EET method.  Mr. EET is on to something and if it works for me than it should definitely work for anyone wanting to lose weight or lose fat.  You honestly can eat the things you love but you do have to learn different exercise and timing techniques contrary to all other methods most common to traditional weight-loss. 

I am only 30 days in, and I have a long way to go and still more EET to master, but I can see the results and I am looking forward to more.  I think I have finally found something that can last long-term and I am excited to keep EET part of my life.  I can honestly say that I pity the fitness guru’s who suffer daily by eating clean and working out all the time, it does not have to be that hardI used to give up socializing, dinner at yummy restaurants, or lunch with my friends just so I would be able to stay home, work-out, and eat clean…but not anymore.  I am having fun, eating out, and loving it!!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. EET, my quest is over and I have found the key to being less fat with more fun. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: Not going to lie, I still have a very hard time believing Mr. EET, I am doubtful that I can follow his guidelines and still lose weight, but the proof is in the pudding



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