Mary Kay Loses “Last 10” Using EET – Metabolism Humming After Age “39+”! PICS

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Mary Kay in late 2010 (left) and In May 2011.  WOW!  She’s turned back the clock with EET!

Still think your metabolism can’t help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals?

Mary Kay would beg to differ.  And so would The EET Fitness Plan.

We’re all subject to the power of TIME so why not use EET’s timing guidelines and get TIME working for you instead of against you!  EET works at ANY AGE, and Mary Kay is another great EET success story that proves it.

Since the start of the year Mary Kay has EETen her way through those tough “Last 10” pounds and is now within ONE POUND of her goal weight.

Close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and EET’s “Last 10 Club”! 🙂

Doesn’t she look INCREDIBLE!

She joins the ranks of other “age 39+” EETers who have SHATTERED the belief that your metabolism works against you when you’re older.  Here are a few more examples:

Toni @1 yr w/ EET: Loses 20 lbs was Size 10 now 4! SMOKIN’ HOT PIC!

EETer Jim, 68,  Diabetic No More? Lost 43 Lbs for a YEAR! HOF PICS!

Vicki Drops Atkins for EET – goes from 115 to 105 (Lost LAST 10 lbs) in 60 Days!

Lisa, 50, EET Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds FOR A YEAR! PICS

There are many, many more. What can I say?  Hmmm, This might do:


Mary Kay was nice enough to share her thoughts about EET and her great success to date:

At my last doctor’s appointment in November 2010, I weighed 132 pounds, and I was not happy. That’s the most I’ve weighed in my life, except for when I was pregnant. By the end of the year, I was down to 127. I had lost it quickly, but I wasn’t losing anymore.  My ideal weight is about 118 pounds…I like the way my clothes fit and how I feel at that weight.  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen that number on the scale. I was frustrated.  Since I am a PA, I run into my doc  – Caren Reaves – at the hospital a lot.  She told me about how she was losing weight with this new philosophy and it was easy and she was eating real food.  I contacted Jon and I started EET at the first of the year.  My life is very chaotic.  I work, we travel, we have a college student who lives with us, my momma lives with us, and we are helping to care for my MIL who is ill.  I tried really hard to incorporate everything that Jon suggested, but the reality is that consistency is difficult, so I started slow.  I am now down to 119.5 pounds and I’ve gotten there by using progressions…Yep, that word again.

The main things that I am doing consistently are 1. drinking lots of water 2. consuming lots of fiber – and I do use Benefiber to make sure that I get plenty of fiber in a given day 3. creating a metabolic window on most days by taking a late afternoon power walk, or doing a 20 min workout consisting of some upper body work with 8 lb dumbells (Sp?), squats, lunges, ab exercises and a little jogging in place before dinner and 4. controlling my bread intake.  When we go out to eat, I will have a roll – I love bread – but that’s it.  I don’t keep a lot of bread in the house.  I found those Mission Carb Balance tortillas at Walmart…love them!

That’s it.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

 Congrats to Mary Kay — EET is proud be a part of your successful “turning back the clock” on your metabolism and your health, weight and fitness! We look forward to updating your great success again in a few months as you enter EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame!


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