EET Says Snickers, Twix Ice Cream Over Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow EVERY TIME!

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The 50g size Snickers or Twix Ice Cream Bar is one of the great EET Metabolic BARGAINS in all of EETing!  If you are currently thinking you are making a better choice with Weight Watcher’s or Skinny Cow, EET’s timing label tells you we respectfully STRONGLY DISAGREE! 

This is a true study of The EET Fitness Plan’s concept of EET Metabolic Bargains vs. Luxuries that can help you lose more weight and enjoy the foods you choose to eat a lot more as well.

Plus, hopefully it opens a few eyes to the games that are being played with what’s considered “healthy” and the “right” foods or brands to buy for weight loss, fitness and improved health.  This sort of misleading marketing is going on in every type of food – -and EET is on a mission to make sure you have the info you need to make the BEST choices for health, weight loss, fitness and FUN.


Oh sure, you can try to make a case for the Weight Watchers Bars as a better choice than Snickers or Twix Bars — I mean they are 30 calories lower and a bit lower in carbs and fat. 

But when it’s THAT close, are you seriously gonna choose WW ice cream over SNICKERS OR TWIX?  When it comes to eating treats for weight loss– DECADENCE MATTERS JUST AS MUCH AS NUTRITION!

And if you’ve never tried a Snickers or Twix Ice Cream Bar — you have no idea what you’re missing!  For me, they don’t stack up to my DQ Dilly Bar — But at least I KNOW that’s a METABOLIC LUXURY vs a Snickers Ice Cream Bar.

Do you folks who are eating WW or Skinny Cow ice cream know that you could be losing more weight enjoying Snickers or Twix?  I seriously doubt it.


Speaking of Skinny Cow, their higher carb ice cream sandwich is a much more serious issue than just sacrificing decadence.  Here is where eating timing matters.  A LOT. 

You could think you were doing the “healthy” thing choosing the lower calorie/lower fat Skinny Cow Sandwich, but they are almost DOUBLE in carbs, and those carbs will turn into blood sugar much faster than the fat calories in the Snickers or Twix.



If you have any doubts about the accuracy of this analysis, just ask EET’s Diabetic Superstars Denise or Bonnie — EET got them away from Skinny Cow asap and onto Snickers — and this among other timing changes have allowed them to completely gain control their blood sugar with LESS MEDICATION and lose lots of weight! 

And be sure to ask them which ice cream they like better too! 🙂

Results like that make it easy to say NO THANKS to Weight Watchers or Skinny Cow and YES to SNICKERS OR TWIX ICE CREAM!


11 thoughts on “EET Says Snickers, Twix Ice Cream Over Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow EVERY TIME!

    • Hey Frank

      EET is a plan designed to let you eat the foods you love WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM as part of a balanced healthy EETing plan — heavily based on nutrient and metabolic timing guidelines. So most EETers “cheat” every day by your defintition — although it’s not always some huge cheat binge or cheat meal — although sometimes it is!

      Good luck with your weight loss and fitness efforts!

      Mr. EET

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  3. Good article. America is slowly awakening to a new health consciousness, and starting to read and understand labels. Thanks for making us aware of our ability to make choices for our health.

    Instead of choosing a processed “decadence” and continuing to live in an addicted fast/processed food slavery, try eating both an apple and a banana (or making a strawberry/banana smoothie with stevia and dark cocoa) instead of the snicker’s ice cream bar. Your body will thank you, and you will be quite full for a long, long while. Just try it. It might be challenging at first, but your freedom is worth it. You will soon start leaving the bonds of slavery.

    Fast foods are extremely addictive–and encourage cravings–just like drugs or nicotine. Our bodies are set up that way (I’m a health teacher and a hypnotist–and have also taught biology, chemistry, and physics). Read those labels and get angry. One snickers ice cream bar will make you want to eat the entire box (The box will be in your freezer, but the idea/craving will be clinking in your mind). Choose to get angry and not buy that processed box of slavery. Hear the clinking chains. Clink! Clink!

    Our bodies are amazing, miraculous homes for the spirit. Get angry about how the fast/processed food industries try to lure us into slavery. They spend billions of dollars on it. (The Coca Cola trademark alone is worth about 70 billion dollars–and observe what such products have done to the health of the country–of the world!)

    Only eat decadence (if you still feel like it after getting out of slavery) occasionally at a party–where you did not have to buy the addictive fast/processed “chains of slavery.” Someone else wasted their hard earned money on that fast food crap.

    For example, I never buy potato chips, but sometimes have them at a party. However, I now seem to think that the potato chips taste greasy and much too salty. Seems weird that at one time I could have eaten the whole bag of those awful things (probably still could–however, some processed drink master would have tie me down and pour that nasty soda down my screaming throat–as I haven’t had one of those in many, many years and never will again! Yuk!)
    I can still hear those chains of slavery clinking in my ears. Remember the potato chip ad, “Becha can’t eat just one!” Clink! Clink! Clink!

    Go buy a bag of organic apples/a bunch of organic bananas–and leave those fast/processed food bars for the obese, addicted lady right behind you with her basket full of boxes (slavery chains). Clink! Clink!

  4. Sandy

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    EET doesn’t believe the world needs to be “all or nothing” We EET many delicious organic fruits and vegetables daily — however we also enjoy our treats such as ice cream, chips, donuts is kinda my thing (well, along with ice cream 🙂 ) and more — but EETers are welcome to buy these foods freely and have them available for daily consumption if they wish. Food is NEVER the enemy of weight loss health or fitness, it’s a lack of understanding of how to TIME those foods! EET has proven with our extensive work with diabetics and other blood disorders that there are no unhealthy foods, only foods eaten at the wrong times! See many of the posts under Diabetic Eating Timing for more details, Dr.’s results, etc.

    Food is not addicting like drugs or nicotine, as EET has proven over and over to so many people including those with eating disorders and supposedly lifelong addictions. I would happy to connect you with these folks if you are interested in speaking with any of them.

    Using the EET (Eating and Exercise TIMING) Fitness plan, you simply need to EET these foods at the right times and you can prove to yourself that you are not a slave to any food (processed or organic) and that you can get healthier and actually lose weight in a STRESS FREE GUILT FREE long term way! Check out our hall of fame which includes medical doctors and phd’s as well as former food addicts (like me) who have been able to manage all the foods in the world as part of our EET Timing plans with no portion control and no forbidden foods!

    Wishing you all the best with whatever foods you love to eat!

    Mr. EET
    EET Fitness

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