ALL 5 EETers Using EET BASE DAYS Speak Out: EET’s Most POWERFUL Tool For Weight Loss and FUN!

MANY have lost a lot of weight using EET – But almost NO ONE has experienced the POWER of the EET Base Day.  That’s starting to change for some very lucky EETers!

Gonna keep this real simple:

The EET Base Day is by far the most powerful tool in the entire EET Fitness Plan.

Yet, there are only 7 EETers TOTAL who even have an EET Base Day, and two of those are only starting to use them this week.


One answer seems pretty clear –

Successful EETers love their EET plans and feel they don’t  need any more help to achieve and sustain their weight loss goals.

These folks may be right, but doesn’t it seem silly to miss out on EET’s most powerful tool?

(click to enlarge)

Not like EET has been keeping Base Days a secret — This is right from the EET New Member Guide Booklet! 


Here’s what all 5 EET Base Day Users have to say about their base day


Noel Loses 40 LBS – 20 BELOW GOAL! EET vs 4 Hour Body Difference PICS!

I agree with Jon in that the Base Day is most probably the most effective tool in all of EET Fitness. Learning it for me was pretty effortless, and integrating it into my current plan was seamless because Jon chose the perfect time for me to adopt it. He made sure that I had learned all the other guidelines well enough that I would not have trouble adopting the perfect script that I would follow as often as possible.

My Base Day occurs pretty much every other day. Though it is more of a “diet” day, it still feels fun to me, and does not feel like a hassle. Since it’s not recommended to have this every day anyway, I never really feel it getting stale. Do I think it’s effective, though? Well, I lost an additional 10 lbs just because of it, so I think I can confidently say that, yes, it is indeed very effective.


Rob Loses 10 lbs w/ EET in 8 Weeks -Getting RIPPED w/ Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! PICS

My EET base day was developed only three weeks ago and since I have started with it I have dropped 2 pounds consecutively each week! I am still eeting treats that I like to eet just a little bit less on base days. It is a complete script for me as far as how I run my day as well as what I am eeting and when I am eeting it. It takes all the guesswork out of it, and makes weight loss easy. I am doing it currently two days a week and it seems to be working like magic and helping me to get rid of what what I have left in order to get to my goal shape and weight. It also seems to put the body into such a caloric deficiency that other days of the week I am to eet more and still come back with weight lost each week! So far eet has been an amazing experience for me but the base day has really helped me to get closer to my goals faster than anything else!


Lisa, 50, EET Skeptic Loses 30 Pounds FOR A YEAR! PICS

(Lisa is the only EET Metabolic Hall of Famer other than Mr. EET With a Base Day!!!!)

After almost a year and a half of EETing, I finally really discovered base days. Somehow I’d been immune to Jon’s message about them and one of my (many) obstacles to forecasting had to do with misunderstanding what a base day should be. But in some very detailed and generous conversation with Jon, he worked with me to elucidate what foods I felt like I really needed and wanted to feel satisfied. As a result, I think we’ve come up with a regular base day plan that I can use 3-5 days/week that will help insure continued weight loss,  reduce complexity & confusion and make forecasting painless on those days!

I’m only 3 days into the new tweak — and despite a very large and satisfying meal with an even bigger treat than before, and regular eating at 2-3 other times of the day — I’m already down 2 lbs and feeling like I’ve now got access to a shiny new key to unlock the next weight loss door.

I’m re-energized and grateful to feel like a major obstacle to forecasting has been removed. Knowing that I have a plan for a few days a week of really solid eating and virtually guaranteed weight loss is really exciting.


Well, the base day has turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I love my Reese’s peanut butter cups! It hasn’t taken long for the base day to become automatic, so I know what I’m going to eat on those days, and I like not having to think so much about what I’m doing. Of course, the biggest bonus is that so far, with only one exception, I always weigh less the next day!


Mr. EET Lowers Cholesterol 53 pts in 5 WEEKS w/KFC, LONG JOHN SILVERS, MORE- PICS! U CAN TOO!

Even though I started EET in 2008, Mr. EET did not truly become Mr. EET until May 2010 – that’s when I discovered the power of the EET Base Day, and I know it has taken me significantly closer to permanent weight loss despite more fun EETing than any human should be allowed to have while maintaining a 30-35 lb weight loss (20 below my goal weight) and at the same time eating 500-1000 calories per day more than before I started using EET Base Days!



The answer is absolutely, positively YES.

But it’s not that simple.

Here are the 4 steps that you would need to take to build a successful Base Day.

1)      EETing SUCCESS: You have to be good at basic EETing, and this usually takes about  6 weeks of consistent results.

2)      EXTENSIVE CONSULTATION TO BREAK DOWN THE FOODS YOU LOVE  You need to spend AT LEAST an hour in a consultation where you break down and look at your eating patterns and choices in ways you could not imagine.  YOU MUST LOVE YOUR BASE DAY FOR IT TO WORK!

3)      ONGOING COMMUNICATION:  You have to be willing to communicate and monitor your progress to be sure you LOVE your EET Base Day AND that it produces consistent weight loss.

4)      MR. EET’S DETERMINATION YOU’RE READY:  Mr. EET CONTACTED 3 of the 4 Base Day EETers to TELL them they should have a base day.  They did not ask for an EET Base Day – THEY THOUGHT THEY ALREADY HAD AN EET BASE DAY!


There’s so much more to EET than most EETers are willing to take the time to learn about – people are BUSY so I get that — but without an EET Base Day you make EET so much harder than it has to be (and basic EETing is not that hard to begin with!).  But, hey if an EETer is successful and happy then that’s what EET is truly all about, so who am I to judge?

So, you are welcome to contact EET ( and see if we feel you’re ready for an EET Base day.  Mr. EET will let you know if he feels you’re ready or not.

But, if Mr. EET contacts you about setting up an EET Base Day – it’s a pretty good idea for you to say YES!  Because you are very likely to lose a lot more weight and love your EET plan even more!

NOTE:  Base Days are currently available to ACTIVE EET Members at no additional charge with your EET membership.  That can change at any time.


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