EET 3rd Rule of Exercise Creates DRAMATIC, IMMEDIATE Fitness Improvements for 3 EETers!

Mr. EET “THOUGHT” he was as fast as he could be at jump rope.  Been at the same max speed for MONTHS!  BUT– EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise, just one simple THOUGHT, has made him dramatically faster–overnight!

EET has now developed and established:

EET’s Third Rule of Exercise

In the two weeks since finalizing it — 3 EETers have applied it, and the results have been nothing short of AMAZING.  Why?

All 3 of us thought we were at our maximum efforts for our EET workouts already!

Man were we wrong — Check out this INSTANT AND DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT!

Mr. EET — Using nothing new but EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise:

  • Improved my already maxed out  jump rope workout 10 JUMPS OR MORE per minute for all 10 sets!

  • Improve my Tabata interval running by nearly 10 steps per set for all 8 sets!

EETer #2 Only applying the 3rd Rule of Exercise

  • Improved their already super intense Aerobic Step intervals 6 steps per minute!

  • Had their biggest single day of weight loss in MONTHS!

And EETer #3 just checked in with a 3rd rule of exercise update:

  • Improved their jump rope jumps OVER 10 jumps per minute!


Just a simple thought.  An incredibly simple POSITIVE thought.

Can a thought really have that kind of IMMEDIATE, DRAMATIC impact on weight loss and fitness efforts?

Every one reading this knows  THE ANSWER IS ABSOLUTELY YES!


It never ceases to amaze me how dieters and even some EETers can immediately accept that negative thoughts that cause Stress Eating are REAL and impossible to control, but have a hard time believing that the opposite can be true and that a single positive thought can motivate you to accomplishments you could otherwise not achieve. 

EET’s FIRST Rule of Exercise has already proven this with VERY VERY few EETers getting injured (knock on wood!) :-)- BECAUSE IT’S AGAINST THE RULES AND EETers KNOW IT!  Sure EET progressions help too, but the FIRST RULE is the thought that guides you!  We discussed EET’s First Rule HERE:


and now, EET’s Third Rule of Exercise is taking EETers to new levels of fitness.

Someday, I’ll disclose EET’s 2nd Rule of Exercise to EETers too –when I’m convinced they’re ready for it. 🙂

NOTE:  EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise will be available to ACTIVE, CAREFULLY SELECTED EETers only.  It’s POTENT and could easily create a risk of injury if not implemented properly.  But MAN is it effective!


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