Denise EET Diabetic Diet Results 90 Days: Loses 28 lbs, A1c 5.6 (was 6.9) Less Insulin MORE SNICKERS!!

Denise is feeling pretty “frisky” about her improved health and dramatic weight loss over the last 90 days using the EET Diabetic Timing Diet!

The EET Fitness Plan is very proud to present our first Diabetic Diet Trial Results

First, we’ll let Denise talk about her experience:

In my mind the EET plan has been very successful for me.  I’m getting enough food to eat including sweet treats every day if I want them.  As an insulin dependent diabetic I’ve never been able to do this without guilt.  That is a relief.  I’ve been able to lower my HgbA1C to non-diabetic levels while decreasing my amount of daily insulin.  As a bonus I’ve lowered my cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantly.  Jon’s support and encouragement has made this plan different from just another diet.  It is truly a lifestyle change…still not easy but getting easier every day.

Denise is from the SF Bay area and started her EET Diabetic Diet Timing Trial a few weeks ahead of the folks at South Tabor Clinic in Portland.

And as you can see from the results below, Denise has set the bar pretty darn high for all trial participants!

(click to enlarge)

In less than 3 months, Denise has improved ALL of her blood readings while losing 28 pounds, while at the same time lowering her insulin significantly.   


Again, Denise accomplished these remarkable results using TIMING, not calorie or point counting, not micromanaging carb exchanges, “goin’ raw or organic”, avoiding processed foods like the plague or endless hours of exercise.

She did it without all the restrictions of ANY deprivation based diet plan.


That’s right.  Denise changed her life for the better eating her PROPERLY TIMED daily treats (like Snickers and Snickers Ice Cream Bars), 2 weeks of travelling featuring Pistrami Burgers, and Donuts and plenty of restaurant meals throughout the trial where she ordered REAL FOOD while always making sure she got the essential nutrition EET’s guidelines call for.

And let’s be clear, Denise was not perfect during her 12 weeks either.  She slipped up plenty, but learned how to “minimize the damage” of diet slip ups, rather than the typical “guess I’m off my plan today” behavior.

BOTTOM LINE:  Denise learned how to EET AND HAVE FUN!

Denise sent these acutal Blood Results over with the following short note:  Are you smiling yet?  ANSWER: YES DENISE!!!!

And, thanks to EET, Denise is well on her way to reaching the weight loss, fitness and health goals that have eluded her for many years — and even though her EET trial may be over, EET will be there for her every step of the way.

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