EET GOLDEN RULE For Cravings / Portion Control IMPROVING! 1+1+1=3

EET’s  1+1+1=3 is for Members Only – BUT – all can enjoy the croque monsieur  in the background Mr. EET had recently at Brenda’s French Soul Food in San Francisco — One of the only places worth waiting an hour in line for! (click to enlarge)


— A Better Answer  for Cravings and Portion Control for the Rest of Us

The EET Fitness Plan’s Golden Rule sounds so simple that a 2% club member would surely laugh at it while nibbling on their “golf ball” of ice cream:


That’s it — one simple phrase — that is actually very challenging to learn and master.

But EET is committed to teaching you how to use EET’s Golden Rule to enjoy your food like never before AND reach your weight loss and fitness goals

Heck, we even have a member video devoted to it — less than 5 minutes long.
EETers: You have all watched this numerous times, right? 🙂

EET’s Golden Rule is probably the toughest concept in all of EET to learn (especially if you haven’t watched the video!) — but the payoff is huge, so EET continues to work on ways to make it easier to truly APPLY IT.

An Exciting Scene From EET’s Golden Rule Video — A MUST SEE!

1+1+1 = 3  Showing great signs of success among EETers

EET recently came up with 1+1+1 = 3 when an EETer asked for a specific example of how to use EET’s Golden Rule to help deal with a dinner party meal.   EETer’s know how EET loves NUMBERS and this put specifics to EET’s Golden Rule for the first time.  It clicked.   Success at the dinner party!

We shared this with other EETers and have been getting rave reviews of how easy 1+1+1=3 is to remember and utilize. 

Does it work every time?

OF COURSE NOT — NOR DOES IT HAVE TO AND YOU CAN STILL LOSE LOTS OF WEIGHT!  But, in most cases, it’s helping EETers make great decisions and love their meals while still right on track for their weight loss and fitness goals. 


If you’re an EETer and you haven’t STUDIED AND PRACTICED EET’s Golden Rule, you are missing a key element of EET that could be the “missing link” to your weight loss and fitness success.

But EET needs to make sure you WANT to learn and use our most powerful concepts so now you can benefit from 1+1+1 =3 when you face an eating challenge.

And be aware, EET continues to evolve, and you never know when we’ll hit a new concept that can take your weight loss and fitness efforts to a whole new level. 

We’ve already developed some improvements to 1+1+1=3 — we just haven’t finalized the best way to present them yet!


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