EET To Offer Weight Loss Fitness Webinars to Starting Mid July

EET Will Soon Review Important EETing Concepts Like Great Donuts and Holiday EETing LIVE in Webinars!

The EET Fitness Plan is going to change A LOT in the coming months.

And like so many things in EET our changes will be done using a PROGRESSION.

So, to start making things even better for EETers,  we are excited to announce that EET will begin offering Webinars in the next few weeks!

Webinars will be offered to CURRENT PAID UP MEMBERS


We are also hoping to offer webinars to non members interested in joining EET, but as always, member EETers come first!

We have a few loose ends to clean up but watch EET’s Blog and your email for details of our first planned webinar

Mr. EET is committed to teaching EET’s message of FUN and LOVING YOUR FOOD STRESS FREE while losing weight and improving your health — you can’t learn it overnight but you can learn it!


Seems like a FUN enough topic to get the ball rolling 🙂

Space for the live webinars WILL BE LIMITED – (although we plan to record the webinars so all members can watch when convenient), so email us at

if you would like to reserve a space — we’ll provide exact date(s) and times very soon.

Changes are coming which means MORE WEIGHT LOSS FOR EETers!  We’re really excited to expand our member services and hope you’ll participate!

—-Mr. EET







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