Ruth, 50, Loses 34 Lbs in 90 days w EET + Cookies and Ice Cream PICS!

Ruth is yet another EETer who simply could not lose weight — for 30 years!  34 lbs later, she’s now thinking she can lose all she wants to with EET!

Ruth has an amazing EET Fitness story to tell.  Here’s some of her version of it.

EET has changed my life! And I am not exaggerating!

I have struggled with being overweight since my early 20’s and have tried a lot of things but nothing has worked as quickly, easily and consistently as EET.  For the first time in my adult life (about 30 years J)  I KNOW that I can and WILL reach my weight goal by staying on this program.  About 2 years ago I worked out with a physical therapist 3 times a week and at home three times a week because of back issues.  I kept a food journal and took it in consistently and he said I ate healthier than he did – but for that 6 weeks I did not lose one pound.  I started EET doing almost the exact same routine as I did then because of my back – the only difference was in the timing of when I ate certain foods.  I started losing weight with EET from Day 1 and have lost consistently since then (have now lost 34 lbs since March!).

Also, since I have been on this program I am doing exercises I never thought I would be able to do.  I have more energy and stamina than I have had in years.  They say when you get to my age it is harder to lose weight!  I say “no way” if you have the right tool.  I am doing at 50 what I could not do at 20, 30 or 40 with EET!

And as if EET was not good enough already, I recently learned about Base days!  O my word!  It is hard for me not to want to do a base day every day because of the phenomenal results I get from it!  Every base day I have done so far I have lost a significant amount of weight that day.  It is such a great tool to have!  I can’t wait to hear about other secrets Mr. EET has!


For EET, Ruth’s story starts with the fact she just happened to show up the day Mr. EET was meeting with diabetics at the South Tabor Clinic.  Ruth is not diabetic, but was desperate to lose weight and Mr. EET had an opening….

The rest is history.  REALLY FUN HISTORY! :-)

Ruth has simply dominated her weight using The EET Fitness Plan– she seems to learn and apply EET’s guidelines almost immediately and her body seems to be reacting nearly as quickly, as we saw in Ruth’s last blog update which was just one month and 10 pounds ago!

EET Tipping Point: Ruth down 24 LBS Losing Faster Now w/ LESS Effort!

10 pounds later, even with the daily inclusion of Ruth’s amazing gluten free Chocolate Chip coconut cookies (which Mr. EET actually got to try – I didn’t even have an allergic reaction! :-) ), and/or her almond ice cream, plus other fun meals, EET continues to deliver for Ruth.


And, just 2 weeks ago, Mr. EET armed Ruth with her very own EET Base Day = HELLO ADDITIONAL WEIGHT LOSS!

Oh and did I mention her cholesterol fell a cool 40 points from 231 to 191 during her first 12 weeks on EET?  That’s a 20% reduction!  Thought you might be interested to know!

Weight Loss and IMPROVED HEALTH while having FUN — they said it was impossible — EET and Ruth’s family have a different thought on the matter:

Ruth with Mr. EET and Fellow EET Superstar Patty (Ruth’s Sister in law) in Portland June 2011 — Cookies were soon to follow!

Ruth now has 5 other family members she has brought to EET.  THREE have already lost 15, 18 and 22 lbs!  Don’t worry, you’ll be reading more about them soon too :-)

Amazing what a little FUN at the right times can accomplish, don’t you think?  WE SURE DO!



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