Patti & Wayne Lose 30 + 15 lbs Thru Travel, Wine + LOTS of Potatoes! PICS!

Mr. EET had the privilege of joining Patti and Wayne for a GREAT meal recently at the Oswego Grill.  There were POTATOES (Patti’s Favorite), Wine (Wayne loves it and is really knowledgable) and of course Cookies for Dessert (Mr. EET’s gotta have his fun too, right?!)

Going all summer without potato or macaroni salad, bbq ribs, fun desserts, etc is ridiculous BUT, with EET, we sure can plan to have it at the correct times.  We never would have thought of that before.  It goes back to the “diet” thing…..”well, we blew it today, maybe tomorrow we’ll go back on”  we all know that only happens so many times before you never go back on.

—-Patti, Food Lover and Superstar EETer

If you are a yo-yo dieter, I would STRONGLY suggest you have a chat with Patti — seriously, EET Fitness can arrange it for you.

Why Patti vs so many other successful EETers?  Because Patti and Wayne are two of the most amazing EETers ever.

Patti before and after: a little over a month ago (on a trip of course!) — she’s lost 5 more pounds since then and is below her goal weight!

Let’s show how amazing by starting with a checklist of all the hurdles and excuses that so many dieters struggle with that Patti and Wayne have successfully overcome in the last 3-4 months using EET to lose 30 lbs for Patti (3 LBS BELOW HER GOAL WEIGHT!) and 15 lbs for Wayne:

  • Travel – Trips to Vegas and The Oregon Coast plus multiple weekend trips

  • Friends — Multiple weekly “events” with friends

  • Family — A seemingly endless schedule of family get togethers and events

  • Work — Patti works and finds herself at restaurants regularly during the week

  • Illness — Bouts of colds and other ailments

Do these sound familiar to anyone?  I’m bettin’ they do.


Here’s 3 more HUGE hurdles that make Patti and Wayne’s EET story beyond amazing:

  • Patti is a Type 2 Diabetic (she dropped her a1c to BELOW diabetic over the last 90 days too! WOW!)

  • Patti is “over 39” 🙂 (mid 50’s) and Wayne is well into his 60’s

  • Patti and Wayne LOVE FOOD and Wine too!

And yet, with all life’s hassles and distractions — here they are — at the lowest weights they have been for years–healthier than ever and EETing all the foods they love every week.

Here’s what our two EET Superstars have to say about their EET experience so far:


EET has given us the knowledge to time and plan our meals to truly enjoy the foods we love.  Being a part of EET in the last four months I have lost almost 30 pounds and over 20 inches while reducing my blood sugars as well and let me say this….EET is not a diet!   With guidance, we have learned how to time and plan our meals with our favorite foods and even special treats.

EET is truly a program that is adaptable to any lifestyle and schedule, even while traveling.  The support and attention given to individuality to include foods that you love and adapt the program to you – not you to the program makes it sustainable.  I really feel we have made a healthy lifestyle change and we feel better, sleep better and have reduced some medications because of these changes.


I was a skeptic of EET but I have discovered the EET is the best program that I have experienced for weight loss and diabetic assistance.  Above all, remember, EET is not a diet!  Furthermore, you don’t have to buy any EET accessory products and you don’t attend a weekly weigh in and subsequent meeting.  You can elect to eat almost everything you like to eat, you just have to learn to plan your desired foods and to time when to eat these foods.  EET has been very responsive to any inquiry we have had and we didn’t have to wait one or two weeks to get an answer.

One of Patti’s many versions of THAT food again — potatoes! — that fit her EET plan — She does one with Bacon for her EET Base Day that sounds amazing — and she loses weight eating them too!


Patti has spent as much time LEARNING EET as anyone I’ve ever dealt with — and the results show that a commitment to learning rather than willpower and deprivation pays off big time if you are serious about long term weight loss.

So, the next time you feel like making excuses about your struggles with weight loss and fitness — remember Patti and Wayne.  They’ve got all the struggles you do (and probably more), but they have begun their path to PERMANENT weight loss with lots of weight lost, improved health AND FUN all along the way using EET!

EET is so proud to be working with Patti and Wayne — PLEASE enjoy your potatoes, wine and other fun meals along with your weight loss using EET– life is too short for anything less!


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