Mark Uses EET Base Day, 3rd Rule Now 14 Lbs BELOW GOAL AFTER 2 YEARS!

While EET waits for a new Before/After photo from Mark — this shot does a fine job of showing Mark looking happy and LEAN

The EET Fitness Plan has had a lot of new success stories lately.  BUT what sets EET apart from all other plans is the fact our older success stories SUSTAIN THEIR WEIGHT LOSS!

EET Hall of Famer Mark has even taken that up a notch. 

Mark has been on EET since Oct. 2009 and cruised into EET’s Hall of Fame in Nov 2010.  Mark maintained a weight 5-10 lbs below his original goal weight all that time, but more recently, decided FOR FUN to see if he could take his weight down another notch.

EET was more than happy to oblige.  With EET’s new tools of an EET base day and EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise, Mark was able to take his weight down from an already lean 168 down to 161!  And two thoughts to remember,

1)  Mark is not as young as he used to be 🙂 — Guess that “timing to help your metabolism” thing Mr. EET keeps yapping about matters!  and

2) He did this nearly 2 years after starting EET, while most dieters are just starting their billionth ride (approximately :-)) up and down the yo-yo that is conventional dieting.

To the best of my knowledge, Mark has never counted a calorie, and he has NEVER been told to restrict one single food from his diet.  All he has done is follow the timing guidelines of the EET Fitness Plan, and continue to learn EET’s new concepts so he can keep improving his SKILLS — not find ways to improve his willpower!

Mark went from not being able to do 1 V-up to new levels of “insane” fitness with EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise!

Here’s what Mark had to say about his most recent success after nearly 2 years on EET:

Having started the EET Fitness Plan in October 2009, losing 29 lbs. in 4 months and keeping it off, I found myself beginning to gain a few pounds back!  Why?  My fitness level was still strong, my EETing habits were stellar, but I hadn’t kept up the discipline of weekly forecasting and I was feeling “stale” in my exercise routine.  I was getting cocky!

With vacation season coming up and wanting to get back to my record low weight which meant losing 7 lbs., I contacted Mr. EET for advice and an EET check-up.  We discussed the Base Day concept as a way to step-up the messages I was sending my metabolism and Mr. EET also “took me out to the woodshed”, encouraging me to re-start my weekly forecast.

 In the 2 weeks since that conversation, I have re-started my forecasts and challenged myself to step-up my exercise routines by combining enhanced Swedish intervals with selected exercises within a 30 minute duration.  These enhanced exercise days occur 3-4 days each week and I apply EET’s 3rd Rule of Exercise; the other days are my normal days using a peak Swedish interval session and strength circuit/Tabata on the other days.  I work in a rest day if/when needed.

 In other words, I have given my body a reason to change!  The return to forecasting has big a big help, too; remember, what gets tracked, gets done…!

Besides the principles of the Base Day (and the secret 3rd rule), I incorporate some of the rules of DiEET to accelerate my weight loss.  Not to the point of dieting or giving up the foods I love, but to the point where the increasing fitness and selected foods do the trick.

The results: in 3-4 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs. with normal eating and my fitness level has improved to my highest level yet.  Overall great success over nearly 4 weeks with DiEet, base days and 3rd rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commitment to learning/improving makes EET a permanent solution to weight loss and fitness — while also creating new challenges and keeping things fun.

Mark was nice enough to send over his journals during this process — EET will make those available to other EETers in the very near future along with other successful EETer Journals and forecasts, so members can look very forward to seeing “how they did it”.

We told you EET will be changing a lot in the coming weeks and months — and for our beloved EETers, we are committed to seeing that mean MORE WEIGHT LOSS, FITNESS AND FUN!

Congrats to Mark on his amazing continued success with EET – I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more great updates from Mark as TIME marches on!


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