Will loses 43 lbs joins EET Hall of Fame FINALLY! PICS! Now Starting EET Bodybuilding

Will at 230 before refocusing on EET (he was as high as 250 but can’t find the pic), and now having a lot more fun EETing at the beach at 207.  Will hopes to have an even better after pic soon with EET Bodybuilding.

Will is one of  The EET Fitness Plan’s favorite people.  He’s got two tough things working against him when it comes to weight loss.

  • He’s got a great frame, but, since childhood, he’s always been on the heavy side                  and

  • He LOVES FOOD (EET likes this but it takes practice to truly LOVE food!)

  • Let’s throw in that he’s a college student at the University of Oregon who enjoys his FUN just to make weight loss even more challenging.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve EVER worked with anyone who picks up new skills faster

and it’s that combination that makes Will the perfect EETer!

And, finally, 3 years after Will started EET, he takes his rightful place in EETs Metabolic Hall of Fame.  EET now has all 5 of the original “Pioneers” in the hall!  The 5 guys who met 4-5 mornings a week and did Mr. EET’s jump rope intervals and ate Payday Bars and Big Macs right after the workouts — WE’RE ALL AT OR BELOW OUR GOAL WEIGHTS 3 YEARS LATER!


Here’s what Will has to say about his EET experience thus far,

When I started using EET during its infancy more than 2 years ago, I was nearly 250 pounds.  During my first stint on the EET plan I was able to drop down to 225(my first weight goal) and be the most athletic that I had ever been. After falling off of the EET wagon during my freshman year at the University of Oregon I gained about 10 pounds back. At the end summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I was convinced by Mr. EET to restart the program (EET NEVER gives up on an EETer!).  During my sophomore year, I was able to drop down to 207(below my second weight goal) by summer time.

 Being a college student, who enjoys the college lifestyle just as much as the next, I found this success incredibly surprising.  I have not had to make any dramatic changes to my diet or lifestyle to lower my weight but simply just change how I work out and when I eat.  Since hitting my second goal, I have created a third goal of 190 pounds which I hope to reach by the end of the summer.  I will update along the way towards my third goal.  Hopefully there will be a fourth goal sooner than later.

Keep EETing,   Will

“Oh and THANKS MR. EET — YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!”  That’s what you meant to say, right Will?

Damn kids these days…… 🙂


I would have waited until Will reached a 50 lb weight loss to feature him, but Will is just as interested in gaining more muscle as he is in losing more weight.  So Will and a few other EETers are about to test EET’s latest version of

EET Bodybuilding

Ok, first of all, any true bodybuilders out there can relax — EET really respects bodybuilders.  How hard they work and the incredible results they achieve.  EET has no interest in that arena however, as it completely lacks what EET is all about


Put it this way, EETers are THRILLED with 4 pack abs and even happy with a 2 pack as long as we have a body we are happy with and get to EET all the foods we love–AND LOTS OF EM!

But, bodybuilding is the closest word to describe this EET plan, so that’s why we use it.   Okay real bodybuilders? we cool?  Hope so.

EET Bodybuilding’s concept is simple.  Using EET’s timing guidelines,  EET the foods you love while becoming more muscular while losing more fat, all in the LEAST amount of time spent exercising possible.

The concept may be simple.  Finding a SUSTAINABLE plan that works has been incredibly hard.

BUT EET is deterimined to help people get BIGGER and more muscular having fun using Timing, just as we have helped so many get smaller while having fun, and we have our latest version that we are now ready to test.

So hopefully you’ll be seeing Will again in a few months with an after picture that makes him look amazing even compared to his current lean and fit body.

In any case, it’s a sure thing Will will be GREAT at it very quickly — now it’s up to EET to make EET Bodybuilding work for Will and the other EETers giving it a try.  Wish us luck — EET is very happy to keep getting lucky with our Plan as long as we keep creating success stories.

And, in any case, Will now knows how to meet and exceed his weight loss goals which makes him a true EET Hall of Famer.

Congrats to Will.  Welcome to EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame!  You took your time but you had more fun in the face of more challenges than most of us which makes you one of the greatest EETers of all!


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