What Should I EET for Weight Loss Webinar Ready: 1 Hour SPECIFIC FOOD Suggestions!

EET’s Newest Webinar “What Should I EET For Weight Loss and FUN!” is recorded and offers some serious meat and potatoes suggestions and recommendations for your EETing — lots of other fun foods too! 🙂

The EET Fitness Plan does not care how successful you’ve been with your EET efforts, if you’re truly serious about finding a sustainable weight loss and fitness plan, you’ll watch this webinar.  You will hear about more specific foods and actual meal options and the correct time(s) to EET them than ever before.

EET can’t force you to watch, but the next time you feel the least bit of guilt about eating something, or the next time you get on the scale and have that same old frustrated feeling — just know this Webinar has many valuable suggestions that you can use NOW.

And EET’s Webinars are FREE with your EET Membership — we added them to help EETers meet their weight loss and fitness goals–PERIOD.  So take advantage of them and LEARN EET!

Check out the What Should I EET Webinar HERE.

(you’ll find the password and the webinar Link on this page)

New EET Forum Topics with Lotsa Answers for you inside — Make it a weekly stop and share with other EETers! (click to enlarge)


As mentioned in the webinar, EET’s FORUM has added a bunch of new topics and specific suggestions and recommendations.   There is also a 1 PAGE powerpoint “Sustainable EET Day” Form with a detailed sample day you can now use as a guide to build YOUR EET day(s).

EET will be adding to the forum weekly now so hopefully you’ll check in and contribute because a lot of EETers want to help and know what other EETers are doing –here’s a great way to do that!

If you’re registered go take a look and check it out – if not you’ll need to register — be sure to email EET and let us know the registration name you’ve selected, we get a lot of SPAM members that we do not approve and do not want to miss your registration.

More Webinars to come — When you can EET anything in the world every single day without counting calories or predetermined portion control, AND SUSTAINABLY manage your weight loss, fitness and health, there’s a lot of ground to cover and EET’s Webinars are proving to be helpful to EETers to understand how they can succeed and have FUN!


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