EET Webinar August 17 Dr. Caren Reaves Discusses “Trends in Staying on a Diet”

The EET Fitness Plan is obsessed with SUSTAINABILITY– what good is losing a bunch of weight only to gain it all back (and probably more?).  EET’s next Webinar will feature a Dr. who will review what’s going on with dieting in the real world.

EET believes strongly that the solution to staying on a diet is through EDUCATION, not willpower and deprivation.

So, we will be devoting some of our upcoming EET webinars to this vital topic.  Our next Webinar we are very excited to announce we will be joined by a VERY SPECIAL GUEST!

Next Wednesday August 17,  at 6:15 PM, Dr. Caren Reaves  will be making a “housecall” to talk to YOU about Trends in Staying on a Diet:

Trends in Staying on A Diet

From a Dr.’s Persepctive

Wednesday August 17, 2011 6:15 PM

Dr.Caren  Reaves is a Principal in a very successful Medical Practice in the Dallas TX area.  Dr. Reaves will review what she is seeing in weight loss and fitness trends and efforts from a medical professional’s persepctive.  She’ll discuss what is working what is not.

In addition,  Dr. Reaves has now been on the EET Fitness Plan for a full year and successfully lost weight down to her goal weight and maintained it and will be available for any questions you have about her personal experience and success “having Fun” EETing what she loves!

  We are really excited to offer this great opportunity for EET Webinar attendees to meet and talk with Dr. Reaves and we know you get a lot out of this session.

If you would like a free invitation to this helpful Webinar, simply email us at

If you’ve attended an EET Webinar before, you will receive an invitation next week.  EET knows that helping EETers and other dieters understand more about what works for weight loss will help people succeed and THAT is why EET is here.


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