Wilma, 63, Loses 19 lbs in 30 DAYS on EET vs 3 LBS in 1 YEAR on Weight Watchers

After a 3lb loss in 1 YEAR, Weight Watcher’s implied Wilma should stop “cheating” on her plan if she wanted to lose weight.  That sounds “helpful”.  Truth is, Wilma never cheated, she just needed some of EET’s Timing Guidelines and FUN to lose 19 lbs in 1 month, EET is liking the smile, Wilma!

Wilma’s story WILL help your weight loss and fitness efforts.  Period. 

Wilma was incredibly kind to share her troubled dieting background and her experience with The EET Fitness Plan so far — here’s what she has to say:

You are WHEN you EET!

By Wilma

“Skinny” was the word to describe me for most of my childhood and adult life.  I am 5 ft. 6 in. tall and weighed 98 pounds when I married in 1983.  After two children and a hysterectomy I still maintained my weight at 115 pounds.  In the mid to late 1990’s I began to gain weight at an alarming rate.  I shot up to 187 pounds in a matter of six months.  It felt like I had two people stuck inside my skin.

After determining that there was no medical reason for the gain, I started in on the most popular diets of the time.  I tried everything from Atkins to The Zone.  I spent a year going to weekly Weight Watchers, following the guidelines to a “T,” only to lose 3 pounds and have my instructors shake theirs heads, throw up their hands, and imply that I was “cheating.”

In 1999, my weight took a jump to 209 pounds and settled in.  I dieted, starved myself, exercised, and wept, but nothing could budge the scales.  Then, in 2004 I developed neuropathy in my feet and legs.  I was also diagnosed insulin resistant and put on medication for diabetics.  The pain in my feet and legs was so severe I could no longer exercise as in the past, so I took up swimming and visited the pool three times a week.  Once again my weight began to rise.

By 2008, I had reached the low 230’s.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard “you have to eat less and exercise more.”  I grew to hate the phrases “food in, fat on,” “we are what we eat,” and “exercise willpower.”  I followed the rules, spent the money, read the labels, bought the special food, and ate fat free, low-carb, and high-fiber.  For years my weight would stay exactly the same, and then…

In January of this year my weight began rising AGAIN.  And it went up FAST.  Before I knew what was happening I was in the 250’s.  I panicked and went crying to my doctor, who brought in a nutritionist.  We did a food diary and tried different eating plans.  Nothing worked.  My weight continued upward.

I weighed 261 pounds when my doctor told me about Jon Pearlstone, and a program called EET.  I was skeptical, but Jon had just completed a trial study with my doctors at South Tabor, with excellent results.  I met with Jon and he explained his premise to me.  He developed a timed eating schedule for me that included two of my favorite foods – popcorn and Jack-in-the-Box tacos!

Imagine how I felt when I lost 19 pounds in 34 days!  Yes, I have a lot more to lose, but I have HOPE.  I can’t even begin to tell you Jon, how happy I am that you, and EET, came to my rescue!

I urge anyone who is discouraged, feeling hopeless, scared, or who has given up – Give EET a TRY and have HOPE!


Years of starvation dieting and stressful painful exercise had Wilma’s metabolism so backward that she was actually eating LESS and GAINING Weight.

EET LISTENED to Wilma and checked her eating and exercise timing patterns.  EET knew better.  Wilma was not cheating –she was simply confusing her metabolism by starving herself, poorly timed eating choices and exercising too hard (at the wrong times as well) in ways that were doing far more harm than good.

 EET’s plan for Wilma had  just two major points:

1)  Eat the foods you love as part of a balanced, nutritious diet at the best times for your metabolism


Now anyone who knows anything about EET knows we only care about LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS–

But Wilma is building a long term EET plan with AMAZING short term results.

Congrats and thanks so much to Wilma for sharing her story.  We asked her to because, we KNOW there are other people out there who are eating less and less AND suffering (physically and MENTALLY) more and more and seeing no results who should know:


Wilma is just getting started, but 19 lbs in a month after years of stress and struggle is certainly a good start.  More importantly HOPE — well, you know…..


4 thoughts on “Wilma, 63, Loses 19 lbs in 30 DAYS on EET vs 3 LBS in 1 YEAR on Weight Watchers

  1. Wilma — Congratulations! I am so very happy for you. I have been with Jon on the EETFIT way of eating since OCT and I love it. YEA YOU GO GIRL

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  3. Thanks Vicki and Gayle, and thanks again to Jon. I love your encouraging emails and the attention you give to me. Nothing can take the place of personal attention when I’m doing something SO HARD (losing weight). It’s your attention, your expertise, your belief in what you are doing that comes through every message you send me and every phone conversation we have. You are amazing and have so much to offer people struggling with their weight.

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