Watch FREE! Stay On A Diet EET Webinar w/ Dr. Caren Reaves + Exercise Webinar Aug 24 Details

Dr. Caren Reaves “tells it like it is” about diets, pills and surgery based on her 10 years experience  and 30,000+ patients her office has worked with in this FREE EET Webinar now available-just click here!!

The EET Fitness Plan is now offering everyone the chance to hear the wisdom of Dr. Caren Reaves in this recording of EET’s Webinar from August 17.

In the first 2 segments (about 10-15 minutes each), Dr. Reaves reviews most of the major diet options out there including prescriptions and surgeries, what seems to work, what does not, and towards the end discusses her personal experience after 1 FULL YEAR on the EET Fitness Plan.

After Dr. Reaves is done, a bunch of EETers and a some new friends stick around and have a question and answer segment with Mr. EET — so if you are really bored this weekend, you can check that out too 🙂

Just Click HERE  and you’ll be taken to the webinar recording.  You do NOT need to be an EET member to watch this webinar!

The Password to watch is


If you want to watch the prior EET Webinars (and all EETers should)   Just click on any of these links to go to EET’s website and find them:


EETers keep exercise short and sweet (as in DELICIOUSLY SWEET FOOD AFTERWARDS :-)). Learn how to stop wasting time with exercise next week at EET’s Webinar.

Exercise:  Stop Wasting Your Time  Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 6:15 PM PST

(note the Date was first announced as Tuesday but this EET Webinar is now WEDNESDAY August 24!!)

EETer Noel Blanco appearing on a morning talk show in the Phillipines this week discussing his “No Stress Diet Plan” that does NOT REQUIRE EXERCISE — ALSO KNOWN AS EET!  He’ll be live with the EETers next Wednesday to tell us a whole lot more

University Educated Fitness Expert Noel Blanco joins us to tell his story of how he went from thinking Exercise was vital to weight loss success, and blogging his opinion that EET was a complete scam, to agreeing to try EET and blogging his diary LIVE online for 6 months while LOSING 40 LBS on EET WITH A LOT LESS EXERCISE, to now TEACHING EET in the Phillipines and having a lot of success telling his clients they can lose weight without formal exercise!

We’ll also share some of the science behind EET’s Exercise Timing Guidelines and give you ideas for how to find an exercise YOU can love and use effectively for your weight loss and fitness efforts!

Whether you’re an exercise finatic or can’t stand to get up off the couch, you’ll learn how to ENJOY exercise and to use exercise in a more effective and fun way when you decide to do it.  We hope you’ll join us!

Write us for an invite at

NOTE:  You do NOT need to write for an invite if you’ve attended a prior EET webinar!  We’ll send you one next week!


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