Cecilia, Young Grandma Loses 30+ Lbs Loving EET – PIC! ALSO EXERCISE Webinar Tonight!

Cecilia looks way too young to be a grandma.  Maybe it’s the glow of EETing what she loves while losing 30+ pounds!

If you join The EET Fitness Plan and become an EETer, you are learn a few things very quickly:

1)  EET is in absolutely no hurry to see you lose weight FAST — we’ve all done that before and where has it gotten us longer term?

2)  EET never pushes or tells you to “get motivated!’ – again, more tools of the yo-yo dieters.  EET is all about ending yo-yo dieting and letting you have some fun on your path to permanent weight loss and improved health.

3)  EET offers as much support as you NEED, we never push or badger – EET ain’t no “boot camp”

4)  ANY TIME EETers want help or guidance, EET is there!

So with that in mind meet EET’s latest success story Cecilia.


Thanks to her efforts to learn EET, Cecilia now understands that there is no “judgement day” where you are then allowed to start EETing what you love guilt free and enjoy your life.

With EET, if you are ENJOYING THE RIDE while losing weight and becoming more healthy, then you are SUCCESSFUL NOW and should celebrate that!  Lots more on that to come.  For now, let’s hear from the beautiful grandma who’s living EET the way it’s meant to be lived:

I sat in Dr. Caren Reeves’ office squirming due to the weight that I had gained since my last visit.  I wanted to grab my purse and run; fortunately I didn’t.  Dr. Reeves came in and gently and kindly discussed my weight gain.  As we talked she proceeded to tell me about a new eating plan that she had just started and was quite pleased with.  While we were discussing the plan, her friend Vicki sent a text message giving her details about her recent weight loss using the same plan that we were discussing.    Dr. Reeves was genuinely excited about the plan. The plan as you all know is EET.

 Thinking long and hard about the weight loss discussion with Dr. Reeves, I was a bit apprehensive because the last eating plan that I attended was a meeting where a woman stood at the door in a safari outfit welcoming me to a diet safari……and how easy counting points would be…..I can’t even keep my check book balanced much less count points for all the food I eat.  After the meeting I ran to the car as if a herd of elephants were chasing me.  Obviously this plan was not for me.

Finally I looked at the EET websiteReally, I can eat fun food and still loose weight?Sounded too good to be true, but I thought I would give it a try.  That was in January but it really took several months for me to get going and understand how to plan my forecast.  Jon has helped me understand EET and continues to help me get a good solid understanding of EET and how to implement EET into my life.  The last several months I have gotten much better at planning my forecast and initiating it.  The more you plan and prepare the easier EET is.  The webcasts have been very helpful (THERE’S ONE TONIGHT FOLKS!).   To date I have lost a little over thirty pounds.  I am feeling great and have more energy that I had in the past.  I am still not a perfect EETer but hope to be an expert EETer soon. 



No EETer is perfect, Cecilia–that’s why EET WORKS — YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE and you’re proving that every day!

There are many other VERY SUCCESSFUL EETers you haven’t heard from yet who are losing weight, a LOT of weight, as well as improving their health and fitness,  and, trust me, they are enjoying the ride — can’t wait for you to meet them–and you will, when the TIMING is right!

These people are a big part of how EET is truly revolutionizing weight loss and fitness, and we encourage all happy EETers to speak out and share their stories.


EETers keep exercise short and sweet (as in DELICIOUSLY SWEET FOOD AFTERWARDS :-)). Learn how to stop wasting time with exercise next week at EET’s Webinar.

Exercise: Stop Wasting Your Time Wednesday Aug 24, 2011 6:15 PM PST

(note the Date was first announced as Tuesday but this EET Webinar is now WEDNESDAY August 24!!)

EETer Noel Blanco appearing on a morning talk show in the Phillipines this week discussing his “No Stress Diet Plan” that does NOT REQUIRE EXERCISE — ALSO KNOWN AS EET! He’ll be live with the EETers next Wednesday to tell us a whole lot more

University Educated Fitness Expert Noel Blanco joins us to tell his story of how he went from thinking Exercise was vital to weight loss success, and blogging his opinion that EET was a complete scam, to agreeing to try EET and blogging his diary LIVE online for 6 months while LOSING 40 LBS on EET WITH A LOT LESS EXERCISE, to now TEACHING EET in the Phillipines and having a lot of success telling his clients they can lose weight without formal exercise!

We’ll also share some of the science behind EET’s Exercise Timing Guidelines and give you ideas for how to find an exercise YOU can love and use effectively for your weight loss and fitness efforts!

Whether you’re an exercise fanatic or can’t stand to get up off the couch, you’ll learn how to ENJOY exercise and to use exercise in a more effective and fun way when you decide to do it. We hope you’ll join us!

Write us for an invite at


NOTE: You do NOT need to write for an invite if you’ve attended a prior EET webinar! We’ll send you one Wednesday!


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