Dr. Caren Reaves 1 Year 17 Lbs Lost Joins EET Metabolic HOF for Weight Loss PIC!

The Dr. is IN!  Caren Reaves brings her impressive wisdom and beauty (not necessarily in that order! :-)) to EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame with 1 year of weight loss!

This is a VERY exciting day for The EET Fitness Plan.

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. take the time to learn about EET.

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. recommend EET to patients who were desperate to lose weight.

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. try EET just to see what it’s all about

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. lose SOME weight on EET

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. REACH THEIR GOAL WEIGHT using EET

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. recommend EET to all her patients

  • It would have been enough to have a Dr. willing to write recommendations for EET to share with other professionals.

But it takes EET to an entirely new level of success when a highly respected Dr. does all of the above, and STAYS ON EET for an entire year and is in her goal range, happy and going strong.

THAT is why EET is here — we want EETers to succeed and while she is a Dr., Caren Reaves is also an EETer, and her long term success is EET’s #1 goal.

And because of that 1 year success, we proudly welcome Caren Reaves to EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame!

Dr. Reaves was very generous with her TIME recently, and spoke at an EET webinar.  It’s FREE for everyone to watch and you can  check it out here.

Dr. Caren Reaves “tells it like it is” about diets, pills and surgery based on her 10 years experience and 30,000+ patients her office has worked with in this FREE EET Webinar now available-just click here!!

The Password is

Free01  (case sensitive!)

You really should hear what Dr. Reaves has to say about dieting in general, but here are some of the highlights of Caren’s 1st year experience on The EET Fitness Plan:

Caren/Dr. Reaves has one of the busiest lifestyles of any EETer, and she makes EET work when no other diet could for her.  EET HAS TO WORK FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE OR IT’S NOT EET!  Here, we’ll let the Dr. tell you….

EET is a great lifestyle

Before EET I was never someone who has lost weight easily.  I don’t have the patience or willpower to diet, so that has never been an option.  In 2010,  I tried running at 5 in the morning for 6 weeks and lost all of 1 pound.  Then, one night doing some research, I stumbled into EET.   The concept of simply changing the timing of your eating and exercise to lose weight sounded too good to be true, but there was enough research mentioned that I decided to look into it.  Thanks to that fateful night, I have lost all the weight I wanted to, have a plan I can confidently recommend to patients and friends, and my views on weight loss, nutrition and fitness will never be the same.

One of the best parts of EET is that it allows you to fail without ending your plan.  Have I slipped up?  Of course.  I lost the weight I wanted to so quickly that at about 6 months, I got a little “too big for my britches” and relaxed my approach, allowing more slip ups at various times.  Soon I noticed a few pounds crept back on.  Then some family events came along and took me even further from EET’s guidelines.

But EET came through for me.  Because my EET plan was personalized to be as easy as possible for my lifestyle, it’s was easy to go back to the basic and make the adjustments I needed, and I easily lost the few pounds I gained and got back into my goal range.  Plus, it really does help to know I can always pick up the phone or email Jon if I need some extra support.

I find I keep getting better and better at EET the more I learn and the longer I stay on the plan.  I look at EET as a lifelong skill that I’ll continue to work on and improve, while still loving my food and living my life in a way I can really enjoy.  I still EET dessert almost every day.  Love those hospital desserts!  My husband, Bill, is also a successful EETer  and we are even teaching our kids to avoid “Diet Think” and that food can be fun and not evil.  Food is something to be enjoyed—but at the right time!

I certainly have some things I can improve fitness wise, and EET has those answers that I can work on over TIME.  But as far as weight loss goes, I’m in my goal range and couldn’t be happier!  I LOVE EET and recommend it to anyone who wants to build a long term plan that allows them to have a great relationship with the foods they love and make EETing and enjoyable part of their life!

Dr. Caren Reaves

Wow….that’s all I can say.   EET proved itself to a Dr. in the REAL WORLD of weight loss, and it’s one of EET’s proudest accomplishments that her life, and EET are both so much better for it.

Congratulations to Caren on her EET success!

You can see Caren in EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame HERE.


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