EET Webinar Reviews, Dr. Mark Haub 8/31, Exercise 8/24 Recorded – WATCH FREE!

The Creator of the Twinkie Diet, Dr. Mark Haub visits Mr. EET, the creator of the Dilly Bar Diet in EET’s Webinar next Wednesday Aug 31. This is definitely gonna be FUN!

EET Fitness knows the value of SUPPORT for your weight loss and fitness efforts.  EET has a lot more to say about support very soon, but let’s just say its proven through some major studies to be a lot more important to reach your goals than you might think it is.

SO, in the hopes we might convince you to join us for future EET webinars, we asked folks who attended EET’s webinars to share some feedback on them.  Here’s a sample of the response we got:

Gonna start with one that is BETTER than a general review — it’s an EETer who FOUND ANSWERS from our Exercise Webinar already – and that already makes the webinars a huge success!

Thanks for the chat last night (she asked me to call her after the webinar).  I have to say I’m really kind of excited to start my new exercise.  I know me using the word exercise and excited in the same sentence is hard to believe, must be too many Reeses this morning!


As much as we think we can lose weight and get healthy on our own, there’s something about having a personal coach that beats the odds.  By “personal coach” I am not only referring to Jon, but also all the fantastic information Jon and other EETer’s have put on the website, blog, and in the webinars.  I urge you to come to the webinars (even in your boxers) and hear what people have to say about food, exercise, long term success, and many other topics. (WOW — I think EET found a new ad writer! 🙂 )


I am really getting a lot out of the webinars.  There really is so much to learn and it helps to focus on one aspect and really dig into it.  The guest speakers and fellow EET’ers have been very knowledgeable and I’ve definitely taken away information that I’m incorporating into my plan.


The Webinars are such a great idea. And having them weekly is absolutely wonderful — it keeps people in touch, in the loop, inspired, and most important, it makes us feel like we’re not alone. And did I mention that it was fun? 


I like:
that you record these so that someone who can’t make that time or who is having internet trouble can listen later;
that I can listen to these while doing another task (unloading the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc.);
and that you have real people and real stories of how they are doing EET.

I think it would help if you had a separate text box for the presenter for questions only and another one where listeners can chit chat, etc.  It might make it easier for the presenter so they don’t have to scroll back and/or miss a question.


Thank you Jon for making the EET Webinars available as another tool for us to use!  I was just going to give the first one a try and low and behold I have become addicted to them.  They are like

CHOCOLATE 🙂  And I  learn something new at each one of them.  See you next week.


last week’s done by Caren Reaves was great.  Well done and ON TOPIC. 

Last night I think had the ability to be fabulous, but was a little painful.


EET’s Webinars are wonderful. They offer brand new information that even very experienced EETer’s don’t know about, and the guest speakers bring a fresh point of view towards the plan that many can appreciate. The constant audience interaction during the presentations also enhance the atmosphere and brings the EET community together.

Mr. EET Note:  Although the first 15 minutes went perfectly, during the Q and A, we had some technical difficulties during the exercise webinar with Noel (who’s in the Phillippines) and it created some delays – this is the first time we had this problem and we have a solution so it will not happen again — we wish all our feedback was perfect but to us, it’s more important that EET is HONEST so we’ll share good and bad so you can decide.

So watch our recorded webinars and even better plan to join us for our NEXT webinar which should be a GREAT one!


You can find a recording of Wednesday’s August 17 EET Webinar on exercise HERE. The password to watch the webinar is

Free02 (Case sensitive!)

I recommend you watch the first 15 minutes and then do a bit of scrolling around because we had some communication issues with Noel (he’s in the Phillipines!) so there were a few long delays between questions–but still TONS of great content and as you saw in the comments above this webinar has already helped people find Exercise they can love! Check it out!

EET Fitness is proud and excited to announce our next webinar:


Write us for an invitation at:

Nutrition professor Dr. Mark Haub made national headlines with his shocking results by losing 27 Lbs while IMPROVING his health markers eating virtually nothing but snack cakes like Hostess Twinkies every day along with minimal exercise.

Dr. Haub had many experts scratching their heads, and scrambling to explain his success while still maintaining his diet was “unhealthy”.

EET wondered what Dr. Haub learned from his revolutionary efforts, and what ideas and knowledge he could share that might help us in our efforts at permanent weight loss. So we invited him to tell us what’s on his mind at an upcoming webinar, and he has graciously accepted!

Dr. Haub will discuss:

1) What he learned and how his views on nutrition changed during and after his Twinkie Diet

2) His take on other diets and diet gurus like Dr. Oz, Gary Taubes and Whole Food advocates.

3) His 4 Steps to “Eating Better” he recommends that EVERYONE can use.

Oh and of course

4) What are his favorite TREATS now?? (this is an EET Webinar after all 🙂 )

Plus he’ll answer all your questions about the state of weight loss, fitness and nutrition from one of the most unique perspectives anywhere!

We are so excited and grateful to Dr. Haub for agreeing to share his knowledge, and we know it will be TIME well spent!

If you’re one of the few people who have not heard about Dr. Haub’s Twinkie Diet check these out:

CNN: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds –

CBS :Twinkie Diet for Weight Loss: Is Professor Haub on to Something

AOL/Huffington Post: Twinkie Diet – Huffington Post

Ane while EET is no CNN or CBS, we had a few things to say about Dr. Haub as well:

The Twinkie Experiment and EET’s Dilly Bar Diet – Junk Food Diets Can Work

Dr. Haub Junk Food Twinkie Diet Mania – Why not EET Fitness?



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