EET Webinars: Dr. Mark Haub “Eating Better” Wed 8/31, Life Changing Weight Loss Studies 9/7

Dr. Mark Haub offers very rare combination of nutrition expertise along with an open mind that allows him to put all the “rules” to the test.  You would be very wise to listen to what he has to say about “Eating Better” on Aug 31st! 

The EET Fitness Plan’s Webinars are getting great reviews and the next two weeks promise to be even better!


Write us for an invitation at:

Nutrition professor Dr. Mark Haub made national headlines with his shocking results by losing 27 Lbs while IMPROVING his health markers eating virtually nothing but snack cakes like Hostess Twinkies every day along with minimal exercise.

Dr. Haub had many experts scratching their heads, and scrambling to explain his success while still maintaining his diet was “unhealthy”.

EET wondered what Dr. Haub learned from his revolutionary efforts, and what ideas and knowledge he could share that might help us in our efforts at permanent weight loss. So we invited him to tell us what’s on his mind at an upcoming webinar, and he has graciously accepted!

Dr. Haub’s Presentation will be called “Eating Better” and he’ll discuss:

1) What he learned and how his views on nutrition changed during and after his Twinkie Diet

2) His take on other diets and diet gurus like Dr. Oz, Gary Taubes and Whole Food advocates.

3) His 4 Steps to “Eating Better” he recommends that EVERYONE can use.

Oh and of course

4) What are his favorite TREATS now?? (this is an EET Webinar after all 🙂 )

Plus he’ll answer all your questions about the state of weight loss, fitness and nutrition from one of the most unique perspectives anywhere!

We are so excited and grateful to Dr. Haub for agreeing to share his knowledge, and we know it will be TIME well spent!

If you’re one of the few people who have not heard about Dr. Haub’s Twinkie Diet check these out:

CNN: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds –

CBS :Twinkie Diet for Weight Loss: Is Professor Haub on to Something

AOL/Huffington Post: Twinkie Diet – Huffington Post

Ane while EET is no CNN or CBS, we had a few things to say about Dr. Haub as well:

The Twinkie Experiment and EET’s Dilly Bar Diet – Junk Food Diets Can Work

Dr. Haub Junk Food Twinkie Diet Mania – Why not EET Fitness?

“The Day the Weight Loss Universe Changed”  Sept 7, 2011   Think EET is exaggerating?  Just listen to the 1st 10 minutes….

And, after you’ve had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend join us on

Wednesday September 7, 2011 for a webinar you simply do not want to miss:

“Check Marks From Hell”
 Life Changing Weight Loss Studies

We do not need another diet trial; we need a change of paradigm.

World Reknowned, Ph.D as published in the New England Journal of Medicine

How would it change your life if everything you thought about weight loss was PROVEN WRONG in some of the most comprehensive, controlled scientific studies ever performed?

You can find out in 10 minutes as we’ll be showing the evidence FIRST in this important webinar that EET believes will absolutely begin the process of changing your life in a positive, exciting way.

This webinar is packed with clinical and field information from the most reknowned experts in the health field such as

  • The New England Journal of Medicine,

  • Journal of the Amercian Medical Association

  • UCLA  Research

  • many more

We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday September 7, 2011 at 6:15 PM EST for this FREE Webinar.  All are welcome, and medical, health, weight loss and fitness professionals are encouraged to attend!  Write us for an invite at


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