Football, BBQ Tri Tip, FUN = Weight Loss? YES! What U Missed Last Night: EET Planning

EET PLANNING has to be FUN! or you are definitely NOT on EET.  Here’s some highlights from last night’s webinar to show you what you’re missing.

For you EETers who couldn’t make last night’s Sunday Planning Webinar, here’s the FUN! you missed:

The EET Fitness Plan thinks dieters who sacrifice all the foods they love or feel guilty eating things that can cause weight gain are nuts. What exactly is impressive about that?  Where is the FUN in sacrificing the foods you love for your entire life in order to look a certain way?

EET is better than that–we want it all–the foods we love, the health we love, the weight range we love — and with EET you really can get there.  So if you’re not having FUN planning your EETing, Mr. EET wonders exactly what plan are YOU on?

Is it hard for you to plan to watch a FUN football game or to plan a FUN dinner out with your family?  EET planning needs to be that FUN and easy for you.  

It’s no surprise to EET that you don’t feel like planning.  You see it as hard and restrictive — THAT’S YOUR OLD “DIET THINK” TALKING — Keep that garbage out of EET’s house.

EET PLANS FOR FUN FIRST so we can eat GULT FREE! — now that is FUN!  and too many of you are missing out!

Do you struggle to plan to watch or go to a football game, plan a holiday meal menu, horseback or bike ride or do your other favorite activities?  NO — you HAPPILY PLAN for them, and LOOK FORWARD TO THEM.  That is EET planning every single week = FUN!

Santa Maria, CA is well known for it’s BBQ Tri Tip, and Mr. EET used EET’s planning to make sure he didn’t miss one bite of the guilt free fun!

This fantastic BBQ Tri Tip Sandwich from Skip Gibson’s BBQ in Santa Maria, CA  was planned by Mr. EET a week ago Sunday, and not eaten until 7 days later–but planning for it along with my other treats and fun activities allowed me to to enjoy this sandwich plus so much more great food COMPLETELY GUILT FREE!!!! 

What would eating all the foods you love GUILT FREE in amounts you love while losing weight and becoming healthier feel like for you?  EET has the answer = FUN!

Mr. EET and EET Jr., a new puppy and some Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches–having GUILT FREE FUN LATE AT NIGHT!  EET can do that if you’re really on EET!

This pic of Mr. EET and EET Jr. was taken in Santa Barabara Saturday night at about 10:00 PM after jr’s football game.  If you look close you’ll see we’re both holding our Cookie and Ice cream sandwiches (and his roommates cute new dog!).   Eating carbs at NIGHT GUILT FREE!  Thanks EET Planning–FUN!

Oh sure, you don’t have to be on a weight loss plan to splurge and  have some ice cream with family at 10:00 at night.  But can you do it GUILT FREE?  Can you do it and lose weight?  Can you do it and improve your health?

EETers need to understand Mr. EET has eaten 100’s or even 1000’s of meals like this at all times of the day or night over the last 3 years and has maintained the weight range I love along with optimal health and fitness.  I’ve sacrificed NOTHING and have what most starvation dieters and exercise freaks would kill for.  If it all fell apart tomorrow, I’ve LOVED EVERY MINUTE — that’s why I love EET planning =FUN!

If you can’t eat what you love, be happy with your weight and have the health you want,  then that’s why EET (and I) are here.  LET US TEACH YOU!

So, that’s what we covered last night — took a bunch of great questions too.   EETers can learn how to have FUN and love their food guilt free if you learn to love EET’s planning as much as you love planning for the other FUN in your life!

Hope to see you next Sunday when more FUN secrets will be taught!  Meanwhile have a FUN week EETing or you should ask yourself

Mr. EET said EET should be FUN and I’m not having FUN — what plan AM I ON????


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