EET FREE Exercise Webinar TONIGHT & “DiabEETers” Lunch Tomorrow! PICS!

FREE WEBINAR TONIGHT – EET’s EXERCISE SECRETS!  Then Tomorrow more FUN! The Bay Area DiabEETers group is doing a follow up from our great FUN lunch last month at Big Daddy’s Diner.

TONIGHT (Wed 9/14) at 6:15 PM PST- The EET Fitness Plan proudly presents Superstar EETer Noel Blanco and Mr. EET sharing a video presentation to show you the secrets of how ANYONE can use EET’s Swedish Interval Format to turn almost ANY sort of exercise into

And the BEST part?  These workouts can be COMPLETED in UNDER 10 MINUTES AND NEVER NEED TO GO PAST 20 MINUTES!

Think we’re kidding?  EET Progressions allow you to use even the simplest of exercises ranging from these

To far more advance exercises like these.

Eliptical Machine

Aerobic Step Routines

Jump Rope (Running up through Triple Unders)

Join us tonight for our FREE Webinar and find out how to create a “different person” using EET’s Swedish Intervals.

Write us at for an invite

Bay Area DiabEETers meet for our 2nd FUN Lunch!

If you’re in the SF Bay Area TOMORROW — stop by Avatar and meet more EET superstars including the Bay Area “DiabEETers” Denise, Bonnie, Jim and of course Mr. EET (okay I’m only an honorary diabEETer but I’m not missing an EET FUN Lunch!)

We’re gonna find out what all the fuss is about with the Indian/Mexican Fusion food others have been raving about.  Not our normal choice, but hey, that’s why EET is so FUN!  We EET anything and everything

EET continues to help EETers have FUN on our way to permanent weight loss and fitness.  SHORTER EXERCISE AND MORE FOOD SOUNDS LIKE FUN TO THE EETers! 

Come to the webinar tonight and learn more — it will be worth your TIME.

Hope you’re having as much fun with whatever plan you’re on !


3 thoughts on “EET FREE Exercise Webinar TONIGHT & “DiabEETers” Lunch Tomorrow! PICS!

  1. Wow, you’re fast in creating these articles, Jon!

    I also didn’t know that the Elliptical could be a good “advanced Swedish”. How do you use it when you use it for Swedish? Any advice?

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