Karen Uses EET to Tackle Diabetes A1c Down 4% in 90 days + loses 12 lbs! Webinar Updates

Could YOU eat the Reeces Ice Cream Cake pictured GUILT FREE? Real EETers CAN AND DO! That is STRESS FREE EETing, and EET can get you there, if you can get past all your old “Diet Think”.

EET Fitness received another success update, and it’s a beaut!  Karen’s EET’s story is off to a GREAT start.

Karen is a diabetic who was really struggling with weight and blood issues.

It’s always great to see some weight loss and Karen was able to accomplish 12 lbs in 90 days despite some challenging weekend trips as well as some medication that usually makes weight loss difficult.  We know that long term weight loss is the goal, but hey, nice to get off to a great start!

What’s far more impressive and meaningful is Karen lowered her A1c from 11.3 down to 7.4 in the same 1st 90 days on EET.  That’s nearly a 4% reduction!  And again, what makes these results even more fantastic is that some of Karen’s medications make controlling her blood glucose more difficult.

Oh and did I mention Karen accomplished the lower A1c while REDUCING HER INSULIN?  Well she did!

Karen is really fun to deal with and keeps things very simple.  Here’s what she had to say about her EET experience so far:

Blood Sugars are way down, reduced insulin,  losing weight, eating foods I love, and feeling good.

I also love the support from Mr. EET — great to have someone to talk to when you need it.

Congrats to Karen, off to one of the best starts on EET ever, despite some real challenges — but Karen is living proof of EET’s approach to weight loss and fitness:




EET has 2 FUN! Planning Webinars recorded you should watch that are PACKED with helpful ideas and resources for EETers to have FUN! while reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. (click to enlarge)

EET FUN! Planning Webinar 2 Now Recorded and ready for EETers.  Click HERE to go to EET’s Webinar page and check it out.

In the first 10-20 minutes,

  • you’ll learn how EET has been built to be a STRESS FREE diet,

  • see some example BudgEET’s that show you how to deal with difficult situations

  • THEN if you have TIME — watch the Q and A and get into more EET strategy and ideas as other EETers chat it up.

AND Wednesday Sept 21, 2011 at 6:15 PM PST

EET is only making this webinar free for the first 50 registrants. Of course we have our reasons 🙂 It will be $25 per person after the first 50 people who request an invite. Does not matter if you’ve come to a prior webinar — you must be among the first 50 people to request an invite to THIS webinar to get in free.

So request an invite now and save money while learning what works for weight loss! Write us at


Note: please do not request an invite if you’re not sure you can attend. Thank you!


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