Holy Grail of Dieting: 5 Steps for Long Term Weight Loss EET Webinar Tonight–FREE Preview

Here’s another clue for you all….The Walrus was Paul, and EET can show you what you’re missing when it comes to PROVEN research for Long Term Weight Loss! 🙂

Not much else to say — either you want to know what science and exhaustive research says really works for long term weight loss, or you don’t.

Sadly, a major part of the failure for long term weight loss is that some of you don’t.

My opinion is those of you in denial will learn in TIME –and you’ll have FUN! learning it!

THAT is the last opinion than you’ll hear from me until after the Webinar Presentation tonight — just the RESEARCH from the EXPERTS.

Hope you can join us for EET Fitness’ Webinar– email for an invite at


Does YOUR Weight Loss/Fitness Plan have Clinical Research and Studies to show it’s proven effective over 2-5 years or longer? Why guess or live in denial? EET shows you what the research says at our webinar TONIGHT.

As a follow up to our LIFE CHANGING Check Marks From Hell Weight Loss Studies Webinar (which you can and should watch for FREE if you click here), the EET Fitness Plan proudly presents:

Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 6:15 PM PST (click to enlarge)

Does YOUR current plan include ANY of the 5 Clinically Proven Steps to long term weight loss?

COINCIDENCE? The number 5 keeps showing up over and over in EET’s research for Long Term weight loss. Spooky 🙂

Does YOUR Plan include the step(s) CLINICALLY PROVEN to break the “Check Mark From Hell Pattern”?

(Click to enlarge)

And remember, this webinar is NOT EET’s opinions of what works — we share clinical research and findings from THE EXPERTS (click the slides to enlarge):

Plus much much much more.

TOMORROW: Wednesday September 21, 2011 at 6:15 PM PST

EET is only making this webinar free for the first 50 registrants. Of course we have our reasons 🙂 It will be $25 per person after the first 50 people who request an invite. Does not matter if you’ve come to a prior webinar — you must be among the first 50 people to request an invite to THIS webinar to get in free.

So request an invite now and save money while learning what works for weight loss! Write us at


Note: please do not request an invite if you’re not sure you can attend. Thank you!


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