Kathy Loses 115 lbs in 6 Mo w EET GUILT FREE FUN! Pics Video

Kathy is 115 lbs lighter after 6 months on EET.  She’s not waiting to reach her “goal” to enjoy her life OR her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

  I will lose it all eventually.  I know it’s not going to be tomorrow, next month or probably even next year.  I’m ok with that because I love my food and my REESES peanut butter cups and if I stick to the fundamentals of EET, weight loss will naturally follow. 

That hopeless person before now has hope.  The person that wanted every diet to be “the last one I’ll ever do” has found it.    I’m so happy to say ‘that person’ is me and I am forever changed.

Quote from EETer Kathy, 52, Portland.  A link to her 6 month EET story in her own words is at the end of this post.

EET Fitness is betting you’ve never seen a weight loss success story like Kathy’s.

Kathy smiles a lot these days.  Her life has changed a LOT in the last 6 months. She’s not waiting for some mythical “goal weight” to enjoy her food or her life.  She’s HAPPY and having GUILT FREE FUN! NOW on her weight loss Journey.

She is a TRUE EET Fitness Success story, and she knows her story can help others who are in a very dark place.

I had gotten to such a low that I was contemplating having surgery, something I told myself I would never do.  I can’t explain the disappointment I felt for getting myself in this place and for not being able to successfully do something about it.  It went to the core of my self worth, my fears and failures.  In my mind all those things said I was the failure.  I had been working with a trainer and I would even fail all her efforts. 

From Kathy’s EET Story in her own words.  Link to full story below.

Most have been trained to think they can’t be a weight loss success story until they look “thin”.  They would never allow their pictures to be shared, if they allow pictures to be taken at all.   Kathy used to feel that way too.

Now, after losing 115 lbs in her first 6 months on EET, Kathy finds herself HELPING OTHERS in their weight loss and fitness efforts.    In fact, she’s currently helping about 10 people (all have less weight to lose than she does) and tells me all the time to have anyone with questions to call or email her.

So many people have the same struggle with food that I had, if I’m on a diet then there are foods you just CAN’T or shouldn’t eat if you want to succeed.  That statement is the main reason I have failed every other diet.  With EET,  I can eat all the foods I love if I time them correctly.

From Kathy’s EET Story in her own words.  Link to full story below.

It’s not Kathy’s amazing 115 lb weight loss that have people calling her.  It’s because they see Kathy is HAVING FUN while losing weight, and they want to understand how they can have FUN losing weight too!

“This journey I’ve been on is not only teaching me how to eat to maximize my metabolism and have FUN doing that but it’s also helping me to feel good in my own skin no matter how much more I have to lose.”

From Kathy’s EET Story in her own words.  Link to full story below.

And, as Kathy will tell you the answer is The EET Fitness Plan.

Check out Kathy’s pics, her interview with a local Portland News Reporter (she’s lost 40 lbs since then!), and her heartfelt blog post.  Kathy is HAPPY, HEALTHIER and on her way to true long term weight loss.  But,  MOST IMPORTANTLY  Kathy is having FUN doing it (or should we say EET 🙂 )!

This pic was taken 40lb and a many GUILT FREE Reeses and EET FUN Meals ago, with many more to comeMr. EET can EET his fair share of Reeses too 🙂

How happy are you with your diet and your food?  Are you loving your food GUILT FREE? You might want to drop Kathy an email or call (seriously, she’ll be at EET’s Webinar on Sunday or you can email us for her info) — she LOVES to talk about FOOD (especially Reeses 🙂 ) and WEIGHT LOSS!


Congrats to Kathy — you truly get EET and “loving your Plan, your food and your life” is why EET (and I) am here.


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