EET Sunday FUN Webinar: The EET Meal Menu GenerEETor for Weight Loss Q and A

Not sure what to EET? Why not decide from a menu of meals built from other successful EETers.  PREVIEW – The ENTIRE CHESSECAKE FACTORY MENU is on the FUN Meal list!  Learn more Sunday Night at EET’s Webinar!

Sunday night, EET Fitness will give EETers their first glimpse at EET’s latest tool for long term weight loss success.

The EET Meal Menu GenerEETor

With EET, you have every food in the world available to you at the correct times EVERY DAY so it can take some time to learn to manage it. The EET Meal Menu GenerEETor offers you a whole bunch of meals used by other successful EETers and meal options that could make sense for your EET plan at any given time of the day.

Sunday you’ll see that a hot fudge sundae is on the EET Fun Meal Menu 🙂

Once we get this just right EETers should be able to create a week of well timed meals in 5-10 minutes.  That kind of planning = MAJOR weight loss that has shown LONG TERM RESULTS in studies.

And, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, Superstar EETer Kathy will be joining us to help talk about the GenerEETor as well as answer any question you have during the “Open Forum Q and A”

If you’ve been to a prior EET Sunday FUN Webinar, you’ll be getting an invite–if not JOIN US–IT’S FUN!

Just email us at


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