Sunday Webinar: EET Reveals Answers for Weight Loss and FUN!

EETers have been asking for this, and while EET is all about FUN! we always gives EETers what they NEED for success too 🙂 — Sunday night, you’ll be that much closer to your weight loss and fitness goals just for showing up!

The EET Meal Menu GenerEETor is coming SOON! Sunday night we’ll review all the details of EET’s Light meals including Low Carb TREATS that EETers should LOVE at the right times (vs the HIGH CARB treats EETers LOVE at other times! 🙂 )


  • Learn more about EET’s new Meal Menu GenerEETor

  • Learn about some new suggested GUIDELINE ranges for Carbs, Fats, etc

  • Learn about EET “Food Progressions” – if TIME permits.

  • LEARN EET — and have FUN losing weight and becoming more fit!

EET Members can write for an invite at


PLUS EET’S Sane World of Nutrition Webinar is Now Recorded and Ready for Viewing!

  • Don’t think nutrition can be FUN?

  • Nutrition is too complicated?

  • Nutrition just reminds you of how bad your diet is?


Let EET show you the SANE World of NutriFUN which is a big part of how EETers can EET all the foods we love and still lose weight and improve our health and fitness!

EET’s got some answers you’re going to want to hear – and guess what? They’re FUN!

FREE to the first 50 invitations issued – NON MEMBERS WELCOME! $50 per person after the first 50. You MUST request an invite at

PLAN to make time in your busy schedule to watch EET’s webinars! We’ll share all the knowledge you’ll need to get on the path to LONG TERM weight loss. And we’ll have FUN doing it.


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