EET Webinar TONIGHT! 5 Steps GUARANTEED for more FUN! in Diet, Weight Loss

EET has it’s case for FUN! in dieting all laid out.  YOU be the judge and Jury at Tonight’s Webinar – should be hmmmm…FUN! (click to enlarge)


This Wednesday October 5, 2011 6:15 PM PST

EET’s Case for FUN! in Dieting

Halloween is coming up, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Sound FUN to you?

Sadly, many dieters actually FEAR the holidays for the very reasons others find them so much fun.

On Wednesday night, EET will lay out our case of how EETing all the foods you love GUILT FREE YEAR ROUND while losing weight and becoming more fit IS MORE FUN than decadent holiday treats, or many of your other favorite fun activities for that matter.

EET knows people don’t believe us when we say you can have FUN on a diet. You probably think we’re trying to motivate and cheerlead EETers so they’ll be able to keep their willpower and discipline up and “make it” to their goals someday.

But you’re not listening — or worse, your old “diet think” is getting in the way.

So make no mistake. I like to have FUN losing weight while EETing the foods I love and I’m betting you do too — and this Webinar is gonna PROVE to you that


(and yes I will always capitalize FUN! every time I type it — you’re lucky I don’t add 10 !!!!!!!!! because that would be even better to describe EET! 🙂 )

Write us at

For an invite. FREE to the first 50 invites requested

($50 per member $100 for non-members after the first 50)


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