BUSY Mom Judi Loses Last 10 lbs Easily With EET Timing and FUN! PIC

Judi found TIME to make EET work and lost her “last 10” despite the demands of her very large family!

We know EET has been sharing some incredible success stories lately like Kathy and  Jo.  But, EET Fitness loves helping people like Judi just as much.

Judi is one of the many very busy people out there who has endlessly looked for a way to take off those “last 10” to get their weight where they want to be.  There are many EETers who have accomplished this (EET’s “Last 10 Club”) and even more on the way.

Judi is now one of the many so we want to welcome Judi to EET’s Last 10 Club!

Most diets tell you to give up even more food and exercise even more.  We just tell you to use the EET Timing Guidelines you can handle and definitely to have more FUN!

And, despite a house full of kids and an extremely hectic family life, Judi found that EET’s Timing and FUN! were the answer she was looking for.

Here’s what Judi has to say about her EET experience that has her WHERE SHE WANTS TO BE — think about it — how many people can truly say that?  EET has a BUNCH and it’s growing! 🙂

I may not be the typical EET’er but I think my story is still important to tell. I have not struggled with weight gain and loss my whole life, in fact I have found it pretty easy to get back to my pre-baby size after each of my children were born, except for this last baby.  I am older now and I was really struggling to get those last 10 lbs off. It seemed like no matter what I did it did not work. I was getting discouraged and decided that maybe these 10 lbs were just part of the price of having kids and I was just going to have to get used it. About this time my sister, Star EET’er, Ruth, told me about a new way of eating she was involved with and that she was signed up to do a medical trial through her Doctor.

Over the next few weeks I watched her pounds melt away and she was enthusiastic and so motivated. I had never seen this be so easy for her and she was having great success. I wanted to try it, maybe this was my answer. It was. With EET I lost the 10 lbs in 5 weeks and it was the EASIEST 10 lbs. I have ever lost. I also know what to do to never gain it back!  EET has been such a great encouragement to me and I have several friends who have signed up and are finding the same success. I am enjoying the new me and am happy to say that “those last 10 lbs.” were not a price I had to pay thanks to EET!

Congrats to Judi!  Proving once again, it doesn’t matter if you need to lose 10 or 100 lbs.  EET’s Timing and FUN! can get it done!


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