EET Fitness Announces FEE / CONSULT Changes for 2012 – WEIGHT LOSS and FUN Not Changing!

EET Fitness knows the value of PLANNING, so we’re letting everyone know what’s coming for 2012 now so you can PLAN accordingly.

Effective January 1, 2012

EET Fitness will no longer include unlimited consultations in our membership fees.  There will be a new “fee for service” price list that will vary based on the service needed (call, email, meeting, etc).


As much as EET values PLANNING, we value LOYALTY even more so unlike any other business we have ever seen:

Instead of “buying” new members with huge discounts

EET is going to make sure our current members get the BEST possible deal.  This means:

 CURRENT paid up EET Members will have full consultation privileges while only paying the $19.95 / mo fees (even lower if paying annually) for as long as they maintain their membership.  Note that if your membership lapses you will have to sign up as a new member again. 

We can’t guarantee this forever, but we are going to do all we can to keep our current members happy and we hope this current “grandfathering” policy proves that.



We will include full consultation privileges in your membership fees as well.

After that new members will have greatly reduced benefits so please tell anyone interested in trying EET with all the resources EET offers at the lowest possible price that NOW is definitely the TIME to act!

Any questions?  Just write us at  (no charge! 🙂 )


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