EET GAME “EETing Streak” Update – Denise Loses 7.6 lbs in 4 days All 20 Lose Weight!

When EET says weight loss can be FUN — we mean FUN! 65 lbs of weight lost in 4 days that started with a FUN! Day of no food restrictions!

EET Fitness knows what your thinking, The Biggest Loser already has a “boot camp” weight loss game, so EET’s game is late to the party.  Well EETing Streak is a game that starts with a FUN! Day where players are allowed to eat WHATEVER THEY WANT ALL DAY (subject to certain rules).   Oh, and there’s NO REQUIRED EXERCISE.

Sounds kinda FUN doesn’t it?  EETers are not “boot camp” kind of people 🙂

EET’s new game “EETing Streak” is off to an amazing start!  Check out these totals after ONLY 4 DAYS

Even with their FUN day on Day 1 — just a short 3 days later–all 20 game players had lost weight — some lost quite a bit–here’s some stats for ya:

DENISE — Current Leader — Biggest skeptic loses 7.6 pounds in 4 days — GET’S THE MESSAGE OF EET’S FUN!

EET’s readers know Denise – she has been incredibly successful on EET for over 7 months now, losing over 40 lbs.  BUT, recently, Denise was struggling with old “dieting demons” and had been at about the same weight for 2 months.

Mr. EET knew the cure for that — MORE FUN!  He included her in EETing Streak and suddenly in just a few days Denise is now at her lowest weight to date after losing nearly 8 lbs in just 4 days of the game.

I spoke to Denise yesterday to congratulate her on her great start–here’s what she had to say:

 After a great Fun Day to start the game, it has been really easy to follow the rules, and when I got on the scale and saw 7.6 lbs of weight loss I was shocked and pretty darn happy.   I had my 2nd FUN! day today to celebrate 🙂 but I want our team to win so I plan to see more weight loss before this is all over.

That’s right — a short game with MULTIPLE FUN DAYS  where you can still acheive a lot of weight loss – how FUN! is that?  20 lucky players are starting to see the FUN! in weight loss and you’ll get your chance to find out soon.

More updates to come!  Meanwhile — just for FUN! check out some recent emails between Mr. EET and our current Leader Denise before and after EETing Streak started–somebody’s having FUN!

(click to enlarge)


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