EET Game FINAL! 20 Lose 135 lbs in 2 weeks! Kathy MVP loses 15 lbs w/ White Cake Butter Cream Frosting! PIC

Who says White Cake with Butter Cream Icing isn’t good for you! GAME MVP and Superstar EETer Kathy proved it’s GREAT for weight loss with 15 MORE lbs off in just 2 weeks!  Kathy is now down 130 lbs since she gave up on the calorie counting and endless exercise plans.  When you have EET TIMING on your side–there are NO JUNK foods.

The World Series ain’t got nothin’ on EET Fitness.

EET wrapped up our first ever Weight Loss Game with some AMAZING results!  As you can the EETamaniacs pulled out a close one!  More importantly  our two teams STAYED HEALTHY and managed to create over 135 lbs of weight loss in just two weeks!  That’s an average of nearly 7 lbs lost per team member!

(click to enlarge)

And, remember, these folks had MULTIPLE days of FUN meals during their two weeks — most people can’t lose 7 lbs in 2 weeks starving themselves.


Kathy shifted from Reeses to White Cake and more weight loss followed.  Unhealthy you say?   You can contact her to discuss it (no kidding)!  Be sure to ask her about her latest blood work  🙂 ( update on that coming soon!)


Prior leaders EETer Denise (lost 10 lbs) and EETer Jo (lost 11.6 lbs) put up some great numbers, and team captain EETer Ruth (lost 8 lbs) and her hubby EETer Troy (lost 10.4 lbs!) stepped up big time too —  but in the end EETer Kathy found her secret weapon white cake and took MVP honors with

15 lbs lost in just 2 weeks.  Amazing.

KATHY HAS NOW LOST 130 LBS SINCE STARTING ON EET JUST 7 MONTHS AGO!!!!  And she was quoted as saying:

“Loved, loved, loved EETing Streak!  Let’s play it again soon!”

There were some GREAT non EETer performances as well.  Steve lost an impressive 8 lbs and a few others lost over 5 lbs.  So you don’t need to use EET Timing to play.  EETing Streak woke up some nice weight loss for everyone!


Now that the game is over, will all the players simply go back to their old ways and gain all the weight back and then some?  Research says they very likely will.  However, EET has different plans for them and our prize for playing was a detailed strategy of how to manage their eating and exercise for the next week to “phase” out of any deprivation dieting that was used as a part of EETing streak.  We are also going to share some simple longer term strategies they can use that will help.

How much they are willing to learn and how they perform is up to them but EET is focused on long term weight loss so we helped Game Players understand what the challenges will be and we hope this will help them keep most of that newly lost weight OFF LONG TERM!


EET is going to arrange to play another round of EETing Streak tentatively scheduled to start on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 5, 2011.  The cost will be $15 for an individual (we’ll put you on a team)  or $100 per 10 person team.  Contact us at

if you want to play! (and lose weight! and have FUN!)


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