EET Says Learn This One Slide to Lose Weight Stress Free – Webinar Tonight

Most assume they “get” a weight loss program after reading info or watching a video on it.  You may “get it” at the time, but odds are you’ll retain 5-20% of it.  It’s the other 80+% where all your weight loss is!  (click to enlarge)

Learn the Learning Pyramid above by applying it!  Study it, demo it, talk about it practice it, and teach it to others and watch your ability to lose weight (and do a lot of other things, too) change dramatically, STRESS FREE!

And EET thinks STRESS FREE is kinda FUN! 

More tonight….


What exactly are EET’s Timing Guidelines? What is a FUNtra? Find out at EET’s next Webinar as we review our “Greatest Hits” that all EETers will want to know.

EETers should recognize all of these tools of the EET Fitness Plan. If not, catch up at our next Webinar.

The TIMING for this EET Fitness Webinar is looking better and better.

First, EET respectfully requests that anyone who is remotely interested in truly learning and ultimately mastering EET read this recent blog post (becuase TIME is ticking!) 🙂

EET Fitness Announces FEE / CONSULT Changes for 2012 – WEIGHT LOSS and FUN Not Changing!

Now that you know where EET is headed — the following list might be more meaningful for you. If you attend tomorrow night’s EET Webinar at 6:15 PM PST, here are 4 things you’ll learn, presented in ways you have not seen:

1. THE List of EET’s Guidelines

You know ’em you love ’em, you can’t live without ’em, but how many can you name? Which are most important? We’ll review the most important EET Guidelines and highlight how and when you can apply them.

2. THE List of EET’s Top 10 “FUNtras”

Other plans might call these MANTRAS and force them on you. EET wants you to enjoy learning them “Just for FUN!”

3. Trouble Shooting Using EET’s Top 3 Tools

We’re gonna demo EET’s Top 3 Tools for you to be sure you are using them safely and effectively!

4. New “Bonus Tracks” that can help you today.

Gotta show up to see these — I’m sure you want a hint so let me describe them in general….hmmmm….FUN! Granted that’s just my opinion– you be the judge.

This webinar is limited to EET members and special invitations only! Don’t count on watching the recording — those don’t always happen. Show up, review your EET plan, refresh your knowledge and get closer to permanent weight loss!

Email for invite at


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